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Emotion Calendar: Twitter Researchers Pinpoint When You’re Happy and Sad

Twitter Researchers Pinpoint

It’s obvious that not every tweet is void of emotion. Sure, media outlets use Twitter to promote and share their work and businesses rely on Twitter for exposure through contests and coupon codes. But Tweeters with personal accounts often rely ...

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Google’s Ever-Changing SEO Concepts


SEO is a familiar concept in marketing. Traditionally, a main focus on SEO is link building. That’s a rule many people still subscribe to today. However, how many times do you use that tactic, only to have no noticeable difference ...

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Using Social Media to Remain Transparent

Social Media to Remain Transparent

The United States hit quite a bombshell a few years back. The recession that hit was the worst most of us have ever experienced. While we are recovering well now, the long-term effects of that setback are starting to make ...

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LinkedIn 101: Putting the Working Professional’s Site to Work for You


If you’re a professional in the working world, chances are you’ve got an account on LinkedIn. If that’s the case, it’s time to learn how to put this social networking tool to work for you. There are all kinds of ...

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Building a Brand with Social Media


Social media, while always a fascinating topic, is still a fairly new tool for marketing. Working it into your brand is something that may take some experimentation, especially if you’re using it for your business. Of course, it’s not always ...

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How Social Media Can Help Your Business Grow

Social Media Can Help Your Business Grow

Everyone knows about social media now. It’s a common topic, it’s on everyone’s minds and it tends to pop in and out of your life on a daily basis. However, just because everyone knows about social media, doesn’t mean that ...

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