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Email Strategy: Social Media Icons for Email Signature

Integrating social media icons into your email is simple when you know how to do it. It allows your email recipients to access your social media world and interact with your business. It is easy to do when you know how. Just follow these simple tips.


First you need to know where to get the social media vectors for the email signature. They are readily available on many sites. One great site is Graphic River. They offer several choices for social media. There are collections of vectors that match any design idea. They are easy to use too. Once you pick yours’, then you can just follow these tips to add them to your email signature.


1. In Outlook there is a signature section in a new email.
2. Open that and select “signatures.”
3. Type in what your signature should say.
4. Click on the icon for pictures.
5. Select your new downloaded vectors.
6. Click on that new icon and highlight “hyperlink.”
7. Type in the social media URL and save.

Mail on a Mac

1. On your Mac you simply open the mail application.
2. Create a new email message.
3. Right click on the downloaded vector that you want to use and drag it to the email.
4. Once you release that, highlight it with the right click again.
5. Select “full URL” and enter the site’s URL.
6. That’s all there is to it. Now you have to repeat that for each social media site.

This same idea can be applied to any email client. All that is needed is the ability to load a picture in the email. Save it as a signature and you have your social media links. It can be decorative and fashioned in any way that you like for your business or simply for fun. The choice is yours.

Social media icons for email signature design is becoming a booming business these days. Everyone from a Fortune 500 company to small business has begun to integrate this into the company procedures for business promotion and marketing. It is done because it works.

Think about it. How many times have your family and friends sent you an email that has cute pictures of something in it? It always gets you to click. The same is said for spam. Although that method is technically not allowed, still, many businesses continue to do it. Why not offer promotion of your company through social media icons for email signature designed vector creatively instead? It looks good and it works.

Try cool vector designs for fun and creativity. Social media icons for email signature styles are too numerous to mention. Just look into it for yourself. See what they can do for your company’s marketing and promotion.

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