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7 Rules to Follow When Using Social Media for Customer Service

Social Media Customer Service

There are many ways to provide online customer service and social media is one of the most important ones for today’s businesses. While there are numerous highly effective social media marketing techniques that can be used to boost your sales, ...

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Five Benefits of Professional Social Media Management

Professional Social Media Management

If your brand is growing right now, take a moment to congratulate yourself. Then take a moment to imagine what a professional social media management company could do for you. When handled by experts, social media marketing becomes a powerful ...

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5 Ways to Enhance Marketing Efforts with Instagram

Marketing with Instagram

Mobile devices changed not only our access to technology, but the ways we connect with the world. Networks and platforms that connect individuals with shared interests are on the rise. If a marketing strategy doesn’t adjust to meet this changing ...

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Top 10 Best Social Media Sharing Sites: A Complete Guide


Social media strategy is becoming more important any business with an online presence. If your business is online, chances are social media channels are a big part of driving traffic to your site. Any business or service that promotes their ...

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5 Ways to Use YouTube’s New Intro to Your Advantage


YouTube announced recently that a new feature has been added that is available for all users: a 3-second introduction that can be played prior to any videos on a given channel. Programmed to automatically start on all videos created by ...

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How to Achieve and Measure the ROI of Consumer Engagement

ROI of Consumer Engagement

Carrying out a truly effective, results-driven strategy to engage and understand customers is much easier said than done. To streamline this process, businesses should consider incorporating social into the very makeup of their sites and mobile apps. By creating multiple ...

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