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Top Six Instagram Management Tools of 2016

Two months into the New Year and we think it’s about time to share some of the most valuable Instagram management tools of 2016. With managing an Instagram account comes jumbled numbers, clerical errors, and room for failed campaigns. To avoid these mistakes, we’ve highlighted six of the best social media management tools of 2016 that will keep your account balanced and thriving.




Behind every lagging Instagram account there is a simple and universal solution: the hashtag. The best management tool to enhance this magic wand of social media you may ask? TagBoard. TagBoard specializes in strategies on how to best employ and analyze the hashtag. These are including but not limited to seeding your content and identifying key influencers, key placement suggestions for inserting a unique hashtag on physical campaigns, and building your value as a brand while ensuring substantial shelf life. Furthermore, TagBoard takes the risk of misinterpreting your tag out of the equation. TagBoard is truly one of the most valuable management tools to date.




Another one of the best social media tools of 2016, Iconosquare provides you with key metrics and statistics about your Instagram account in an aesthetic, user friendly way.

A few unique features that come along with the free service include:

  • Community insights: highlighting your most active followers and their engagement rates.
  • Demographics of your followers.
  • Effortless contest launching.
  • Simplified reposting.




INK361 operates on a 4-prong strategy to maximize your Instagram account’s exposure. By connecting with some of Instagram’s best and brightest users, and using INK361’s unique tools to organize your account,  to analyze your account’s statistics in a clear and engaging manner, and discover new accounts and friends to connect with on a mutual interest basis, INK361 can help transform your account into a strong brand presence for your business.


Instagram for Business


A supplementary service provided by the makers of Instagram themselves, Instagram for Business provides insights on utilizing Instagram features to their greatest potential.


  • Instagram Identity Guide: provides tips on how to use Instagram for Marketing, important legal materials, information on customizing screenshots, and features downloadable assets with editable layers.
  • Inspiration: suggests a variety of successful brands to derive inspiration from.
  • Advertising: evaluates Instagram’s advertising in depth and provides suggestions on how to place the best ad for your big or small business.




Keeping track of followers, fans, likes, and accounts you are following can be a messy and daunting task. When the numbers begin to blur together, CrowdFire is here to help. CrowdFire is a management platform that can clean up your account and increase your follower base, too. Its effectiveness is told by its 10 million users, which utilize the fan identifying, new follower, unfollow, and copy follow features, among several others.




Instagram has the potential to be one of the best social marketing and advertising tools of the new social media era we live in. But getting consumers to your site from their newsfeed can be tricky. Before you post again, be sure to look into Soldsie.  Because captions and photos on Instagram are not yet linkable, Soldsie helps you utilize the power of the bio link.

Other unique features of Soldsie include:

  • Comment selling: a service that allows followers to purchase items featured in posts simply by commenting “sold”.
  • Have2Have.It: a feature that sends traffic to your website using your bio link whilst tailoring to your follower’s preferences.


Instagram has transformed over the past year alone, and it is important to stay on top of these changes. After reading up on these top social media management tools of 2016, you should now have a strong idea of how to take your Instagram campaigns to the next level.

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