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Google Plus Hangouts

What Are Google Plus Hangouts? A Complete Guide

Google had been hard at work to develop an enhancement to their social media platform Google Plus (G+). The roll-out was more than expected and created a new “swirl in the flavors” of social media. What Are Google Plus Hangouts? G+ Hangouts are new social media tools fused to present better collaboration, audio and visual communication within the G+ social media platform. The first presentation of G+ hangouts weren’t so “highlighted” because the social media platform, at that time was still struggling to capture a user-base, but with a series of public relations campaigning about and using G+ Hangouts increased its user-base, as the social media platform began flourishing!

Collaboration with G+ Hangouts are used to collect social media data, that’s sales data, video conferences, or presentations from clients, prospects, and contractors. Social media data is then transformed into information for dissemination and distribution into various channels. What Are Google Plus Hangouts to the non-business end-user? G+ Hangouts are transformed to a media where non-business information and visual communication is exchanged, such as family video calls. End-users should bear in mind that video communication using G+ Hangouts are still exchanging social media data and personal family “business” is discussed. G+ Hangouts still require standard audio visual capability either by phone, laptop, or tablet.

Further discussing what are Google Plus Hangouts, new editions of the app’s add-on are set to replace Google Voice (Voice), a traditional virtual method to receive voice mail, make and receive telephone calls. There’s some rough spots for the new releases as Voice services are reviewed. Issues with compatibility seem to spark-up sporadically. Newer version have desktop notification, virtual voice mail, telephony and live integration. The important factor is the cross-platform streaming for G+ Hangouts. End-users can choose the desktop notification for Windows PCs, or the Chrome web browser app add-on. It’s easier to implement G+ Hangouts by installing the Chrome web browser plug-in of G+ Hangouts, of course the end-user must use the Chrome web browser, but productivity does increase. An overall explanation to what are Google Plus Hangouts concludes G+ Hangouts are audio visual collaborative events where end-users share social media data.

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  • Suzanne Nielsen

    This is a good overview of Google+. I prefer hangouts for the simple reason that they allow me to video chat with multiple people at once…Skype does not allow that. Generally, I’ve seen people having public hangouts where anyone can join in the conversation or you can make it exclusive to a few people.

  • apost4

    I completely agree. Public Hangouts are building momentum very fast and are an excellent way to connect with others while promoting your products or services to a large engaged audience.

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