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Using Facebooks New Dark Posts To Increase Post Engagement

The best way for a business to procure and retain quality customers is to maintain a high level of engagement with those customers. For decades, this was a challenge for businesses across many different industries. Nowadays, engaging with your customers is substantially easier thanks to social media.

Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, businesses are able to reach out directly to their customers whenever they are running a new promotion or rolling out a new product or service. This is not only much simpler but also much more cost-effective than in the old days when the business would have to run an advertisement or send out direct mail pieces to promulgate the same information.

Another excellent use of social media by businesses is asking for public feedback from customers on specific issues. For example, a frozen yogurt shop could post a public query on its Facebook fan page asking what customers think of a new flavor it recently put out. Not only does this kind of thing help a company cater its products and services to what its customers really want and avoid wasting production costs on things that aren’t in demand, but including customers directly in the decision-making process makes them feel valued.

The biggest question facing businesses who wish to engage with customers through social media is what kinds of messages will best foster productive engagement? This issue must be navigated carefully to get the most out of your social media managementp. Put out too many ineffective and non-noteworthy messages and your customers will be conditioned to pay little attention to your future posts. You don’t have to hit a home run with everything you post on Facebook, but everything you post should at least generate a positive response from customers.

Facebooks new dark posts are a great social media tool to help you test out potential Facebook posts before they go live on your feed. The way it works is simple. You use your Facebook ad spend to test out several different messages, putting them out to selected users’ news feeds to measure their level of engagement before you post any of them on your actual business page. Facebooks new dark posts allow you to identify and discard ineffective messages while also pinpointing messages that create a high level of user engagement, so you can earmark them to be posted on your fan page.

This social media tool should be used by any business that is serious about its Facebook marketing. Social media management is not easy, and it can be difficult to get the right message across consistently. Think about how many individuals or businesses you have unfriended or unfollowed on Facebook because they constantly bombarded your news feed with insipid posts made up of meaningless minutiae that did nothing for you except waste your time. Invariably, these folks don’t realize their posts are being viewed this way; they’ve simply never empirically measured the public reaction to their social media messages.

Facebooks new dark posts allow businesses to ensure that valuable messages which successfully foster customer engagement can be prominently posted on social media, and that ineffective, invaluable posts that put off customers never see the light of day. Using this social media tool regularly will vastly improve the efficiency of your social media marketing.

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