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Use Your Social Media Pages to Promote Your Website

Almost every business has their own website, as well as several social media sites to enhance business. While your website and social media pages seem like two separate entities they work towards the same goal, to increase clients and in turn sales. To enhance your online audience and your business as well try creating joint campaigns with your webpage and your social media sites. Here’s an easy way to do it:

Promote Your Discounts

Every time your business runs a sale on a product or service, don’t just promote it on your website or through e-mail. Mention some of the details of your sale on your social media sites with a link to your website’s store. This will increase the profit of your sale and in theory generate more customers. Another way to do this is to reward your current social media followers by giving special discount codes to use at your website. Be sure to include links to your webpage to increase traffic.

Create contests

One of the most successful marketing strategies is to hold contests with awesome incentives for your customers. Not only do your fans appreciate the chance to win prizes, chances are they’ll tell their friends who could also become potential clients. Every time you run a contest for your business, promote it through your social media. Be sure to link the promotion to your website for details, rules, and regulations to drive website traffic. The company Safer Brand– a business which sells organic lawn care products- has used this tactic with much success. The business recently created a photo contest through Pinterest, and promoted it on all of their other social media platforms as well as their websites. This cross-promotion ensured views on every one of their pages increasing brand awareness and site traffic.

Make your links stand out

A great way to up your website views is to create a linkable asset. Create interesting, original, helpful blogs, videos and other content and host it directly on your site to generate the most website views. Make your content reach an even larger audience by advertising your latest content on your social media sites. Who knows? If your content is engaging enough your followers will share it on their pages which will increase website traffic even more, working wonders for your business.

Promote your events

Every time your business has a special event, participates in or sponsors a charity function or has a big accomplishment, you want your fans to know about it. To make the most of your positive company events, create “mini press releases” on your social media sites. Include a limited amount of details, photos or videos on the social media site you use and provide a link where fans can read the full story. This enhances traffic to both sites.

Cross-promoting your brand on both your website and social media sites is a great way to generate a larger fan base and increase sales. By back-linking to your website wherever you use social media, you will ensure a higher number of page-views to your website and increase its performance. By connecting all of your internet sites not only will you making the most of your online promotion time and efforts, but you will increase your company’s success.

Scott + PageScott Huntington is a writer, reporter, and social media marketer who does research for 12 Keys.  Follow Scott at @SMHuntington

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