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TrueSocialMetrics Delivers Social Media Analytics for Digital Marketers

In March of 2012, a one page online social media analytics tool was launched. The team at True Social Metrics is small but passionate and committed to raising the bar for professional social media analytics. In the years since their one page launch, they have steadily added features to the True Social Metrics suite of tools. We decided to give them a fresh look.

True Social Metrics currently collects data from 12 popular social media sites, including: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo, Tumbler, SlideShare and Instagram.

There are four main professional social media analytics tools sets. We will discuss each one and then point out some additional features.

Account Performance

These applications show how the customer’s social media campaigns are performing overall. A dashboard lists all of the current social media channels with these critical data elements:

– Conversion rate

– Amplification rate

– Applause rate

– Economic value

The list can be sorted by any column.


Conversion, amplification, and applause can be tracked over time by day, week, or month. Data from multiple sites can be aggregated to show engagement and interaction over time, along with a moving average. And customer’s data can be compared to industry standards.

Content Analytics

This area is intended to help customers determine the effectiveness of individual posts, which types of posts have the most activity, and when is the best time to post for each channel.


Comments, shares, and favorites are tracked to determine which posts are creating the most engagement and can even compare one data point to the others. Each post is compared to others posts. A “best/worst” analysis can be done by content type, topics, and keywords. Customers can further segment content groups to determine which types of content create the most interaction.

A calendar grid by day of the week and hour of the day shows when are the best times to post for a given time zone.

Audience Analytics

This area digs down into the attributes of individual users, compares them, and looks at audience growth trends. Also, True Social Metrics customers can get global data such as their users’ gender and location.


A customer can determine their most influential users with lists of individuals who are the most engaged, and who creates the most likes, shares, and replies. Drill down from there to see what hashtags, keywords, and content types that individual responds to.

Competitive Analysis

This is a key area of professional social analytics to determine how a True Social Metrics customer is doing compared to their competition.


The “Leaderboard” compares competitors both in absolute (total) and relative numbers (per 1000 followers). The “Engagement Matrix” plots number of followers to engagement for a group of competitors. Another “best/worst” analysis compares those posts with those of competitors. Finally, the “Posting Density Matrix” plots posts to engagement in order to determine the appropriate number of posts that will create the optimal engagement per item of content.

Their Case Studies page is very effective for showing how their professional social media analytics tools are used in real world analysis. They also have online help with FAQ’s and True University. There is also a blog of infrequent but pertinent posts. And they have a Video Tutorial that offers an overview of the product.


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