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Best Social Media Management Tools of 2015

Top 6 Social Media Management Tools of 2015

While it can provide numerous benefits to your business and your brand, social media management is a complex process. You need to be able to carefully balance receiving and interpreting the signals your followers give you with the messages that you want them to receive and measuring how effective those messages were.

As your social following grows larger or more specialized, this process becomes exponentially difficult. That’s why we’re going to take a look at the top social media management tools of 2015.

Each tool listed here is already outstanding by itself for general social media management purposes. Rather than ranking each tool on a more generalized basis, we’re going to examine six powerful tools that perform best in certain situations.

Brandwatch Logo

Best Monitoring For Major Brands: Brandwatch

1. Best Monitoring For Major Brands: Brandwatch

Major brands tend to have problems identifying key messages and thoughts amongst followers because of the sheer volume of data that exists. Most tools are unable to deal with this data, and even fewer are unable to sort useful messages from noise.

Brandwatch is one of the top social media management tools for brands simply because it’s built to deal with large amounts of data.

It excels are:

  • Gathering data from conversations using a custom-built data crawler.
  • Cleaning data of spam, advertisements and other extraneous information.
  • Analyzing and presenting data in a way that makes sense to humans.
  • Exporting data for further analysis or presentations.
Sprout Social Logo

Best Social Media Publishing Tool

2. Best Social Media Publishing: Sprout Social

A common problem for businesses of all sizes concerns creating messages that are appealing and able to be tracked. The process itself tends to be complicated, which can lead to errors down the line.

Sprout Social takes the element of chance out of the picture. It allows you to easily publish your messages while intertwining the ability to create group, engagement and team reports for major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

In a nutshell, here’s why Sprout Social excels at social media publishing:

  • It offers detailed analytics that integrates with your social media messages.
  • Saving drafts of your posts for later dates.
  • Sprout Social has gentle learning curve, which makes it perfect for companies interested in building in-house social media teams from the ground up.
Tagboard Logo

Best Curation of Content With Hashtags: Tagboard

3. Best Curation of Content With Hashtags: Tagboard

Understanding hashtags and how they relate to other content is a full-time job. It’s too easy for any member of your social media management team to interpret a tag incorrectly, which in turn could lead to social media blunders.

Tagboard offers an easy, succinct way to get the entire story of a hashtag. You no longer need to worry about jumbled interpretations potentially sabotaging your social media management when you use this tool.

You can also utilize it to publish your own messages on other social media websites, which in turn makes them far more effective.

True Social Metrics Logo

Best Budget Metrics and Analytics: True Social Metrics

4. Best Budget Metrics and Analytics: True Social Metrics

Obtaining a simple understanding of your own brand and the competition is often a costly practice. Sometimes, it’s too costly for small businesses to employ.

True Social Metrics offers some of the most reasonable metrics and analytics for your social media management around. While it doesn’t have the most features, it is one of the best social media management tools for businesses on a very strict budget.

You can start using this service for as little as $20 a month, and you can save even more if you purchase packages in yearly plans.

Pixler Logo

Best Free Photo Editing: Pixlr

5. Best Free Photo Editing: Pixlr

Acquiring a full understand of complicated image editing software is often too much for any social media management team to have. That’s why knowing what tools can streamline the process is essential to making sure strong, branded images can be used.

Pixlr is not only a free option for image editing, but it’s also one of the easiest to use. It is a must-have social media tool if you plan to have parts of your team rebranding, editing or even just adding filters to your photos.


Best Stock Photo Resource: Big Stock Photo

6. Best Stock Photo Resource: Big Stock Photo

Photographs are an essential part of any social media management strategy. Without them, your followers will quickly grow unresponsive to the same text messages and the effectiveness of your social media strategy will suffer.

Big Stock Photo is one of the best places to acquire photos for you to use. Coupled with something one of the top social media management tools for photo editing like Pixlr, this allows you to significantly cut the costs associated with including media in your social media while making your messages even more effective.


With this brief overview of the top social media management tools for 2015, you should have an idea of what you need to use to keep costs under control while having the ability to perform everything your social media campaigns require.

It’s imperative that you take advantage of these incredibly powerful tools, as your competitors may already be trying to integrate them into their own campaigns.


We would love to here your thoughts on the tools mentioned or other tools you use. Send us an email at info@socialmediadata.com or comment below!

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About Adam Post

Adam Post is a Los Angeles Social Media Strategist and Founder of Bright Age Digital Creative Agency. Follow me on Google Plus https://plus.google.com/+AdamPost/
  • http://www.souravghosh.com/ Sourav Ghosh

    Nice article Adam. Tell me something, what extra features SproutSocial has over Hootsuite? Why is it so costly?

    I’d love to suggest a few more tools and resources with your permission:
    – Canva: Best free tools to create Social Media graphics.
    – snip.ly : Url shortener with the ability to add call-to-actions.
    – Viraltag : Best image sharing tools.

    Also there are quite a few sites like picjumbo or pixabay that are offering free stock images that Startups might find very useful.

    • apost4

      Hello Sourav, Thank you for the comment. I prefer using Sprout to Hootsuite for several reasons. First, the user interface and platfom is really easy to use and navagate from multiple profiles and accounts. The design of their platform is amazing. Second Sprout provides rockstar customer service. If you have a question and give them a call they answer within 5 rings and are always happy to help. When I evaluated Hootsuite I had issues trying to talk to a real person on the phone.

      Looks like a great list of tools. I will be sure to check them out! Thank you again for reading.

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