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Top 10 Best Social Media Sharing Sites: A Complete Guide

Social media strategy is becoming more important any business with an online presence. If your business is online, chances are social media channels are a big part of driving traffic to your site. Any business or service that promotes their business on the internet needs to know the best social media sharing sites that will drive more visitors to them. Here is a convenient list of the top social media sites that your business should be involved in:


FaceBook has become a leader in social media channels. Everyone who is anyone seems to have an account. There are so many ways to engage your customers and draw new ones to your business. Simply posting about a great new product can often net a few sales. This site should be on top of your social media strategy list. With billions of members worldwide, the potential customer base is huge.


Twitter is another extremely popular social sharing site. In recent years, they have added the ability to share photos, edit profiles to feature your business or service and much more. Twitter is extremely mobile friendly, taking business presence to every smart phone user. There is 140 character limit to messages that can be posted. Again, one tweet has the potential of reaching billions of users.


LinkedIn is much like FaceBook, but its users are mostly business professionals. It is known as a great place to find a job or even a new employee. Some businesses suggest that all of their employees set up an account with LinkedIn as part of their social media strategy. LinkedIn has millions of members and many great business services for employees and employers.


Google + is a newbie to the social media channels. Introduced in 2011, Google + is growing quickly and has made the top 5 of the best social media sharing sites.


For social strategy that includes videos, YouTube is the leader. It has become the best way to share video information and entertainment.


For local social media strategy, FourSquare is hot. Users download an app and simply “check in” when they visit a business. Businesses often offer discounts or specials for using the app to advertise that they have visited.


Tumblr is a bit like Twitter. Users post mostly photos. Users follow other users, share their photos and followers are gained quickly if the right social media strategy is implemented.


Reddit is a close knit social media channel. It involves users voting up or down links submitted. If your information is the best, it will be on top of the list that users see.

pinterest photo

One of the newest on the list of best social media sharing sites, Pintrest is the place to advertise. Users share their favorite products and the site is one of the fastest growing in social media circles.


A business can grow a huge following using StumbleUpon. Users share sites they enjoy by submitting them for other members to view. Growing followers is fast and easy by sharing your business and liking other pages

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