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The Power of Social Media Analytics Emphasized in BrandWatch Job Report

Social Media Analytics Reveal How Americans Really Feel About Their Jobs

As the most popular components of the Internet online social networks produce massive amounts of data that can be mined and analyzed for many purposes. Social media analytics is a field of data research that takes advantage of the casual, relaxed and frank behavior that netizens adapt when they access social networks; this attitude helps data scientists to gather important statistics such as true sentiment.

Thanks to advanced social media analytics tools such as Brandwatch, data scientists can now get accurate statistics and insightful visualizations without getting bogged down by logistics. A good example in this regard is a recent report issued by Brandwatch in conjunction with Internet job board Monster. This report provides an analysis of more than a million opinions posted by American workers on the popular social network Twitter.

Here are some of the highlights from the extensive Brandwatch Job Report:

It so happens that American workers are not really fond of their jobs right around the time they start planning their summer vacations. July is when Americans hate their jobs the most; this is a trend that reverses a few weeks before Thanksgiving, which is when workers take to Twitter to comment on how much they love their jobs.

As expected, workers mostly profess their love for their jobs from Monday through Friday; on the weekends, however, that love goes missing. Those who hate their jobs will voice their opinion on Twitter on any day of the week. Workers who have had enough of their jobs really let loose on Twitter on Sunday nights, and then they access Monster on Monday mornings to look for a new job.

The Brandwatch Data Gathering Mechanism

Data researchers love Twitter even more than the most fervent Twitter users do. Of all social networks, Twitter is the most dynamic and one of the most adequate for sentiment research. This can be explained in part by the incredibly efficient use of #hashtags, which help to drive Twitter conversations while establishing trending topics.

Hashtags are like gold for data researchers because they truly stimulate information discovery. In the case of the Brandwatch/Monster job sentiment study, established hashtags such as #ILoveMyJob and its inverse #IHateMyJob made it easier for data sleuths to discover other hashtags associated with these two top-level topics. Through this hashtag investigation method, it was determined that the retail industry was the recipient of much hate and no love in the American jobs marketplace. Moreover, retail jobs in the South tend be paid at a very low level, which can also explain the hate.

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