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Newest Social Media Jobs

The Newest Social Media Jobs

A couple of years ago, the majority of social media jobs were restricted to data analyzation or managing large-scale accounts for people who didn’t have enough time to do it themselves. A few years before that, it was ludicrous to even think about getting paid for surfing social media websites. Now, although the jobs just referenced still exist, there are numerous other opportunities. Keep reading to learn more.

Online Community Manager

The rise in social media jobs has also led to increased opportunities for manufacturers and marketers to connect with target audiences. One way to do that is by creating an online community. But in order to prevent chaos, it’s important to have one or more online community managers to keep the peace, while also stimulating conversation.

Those individuals can gain deeper understandings of how people use particular products in their everyday lives. For example, a person who works for Ceramcor could start a post on a message board asking a few open-ended questions about how that type of cookware makes life easier for users, and spread the word about new cookware that’ll be available soon.

Social Media Copywriter

Almost everyone is familiar with what copywriters do, but there are some who specifically focus on gaining traction in the social media realm. Although there are exceptions, social media copywriters were likely at least partially responsible for many of the most viral posts in your social media feed over the past week and beyond. In this type of job, being a social media addict is a definite plus.

There are some automated tools available that can track trending topics, but there’s no substitute for someone who has a nose for news and enough diligence to follow news feeds throughout the day and see what people are buzzing about.

Social Media Wedding Concierge

If you love weddings and want to connect that devotion into social media, this emerging job might be for you. It’s driven by the idea that weddings should be celebrated via social media, as well as in person. That could be particularly comforting for a person who wants to share in a couple’s joy, but can’t attend the ceremony. Reportedly, this service has a starting cost of $3,000 and includes a specialized hashtag for the bash, plus live updates published across social media.

Social Media Recruiter

The Internet has made it very easy to search for potential applicants outside of a geographic area. However, instead of poring over national websites like Monster.com, sometimes it’s much more effective to start by checking social media feeds. A social media recruiter is responsible for finding potential candidate leads exclusively through those kinds of sites.

To get fast results and avoid finding people who aren’t serious, it’s smart to post job openings in your news feed. In many cases, a person might be a social media recruiter after starting out at a company as its social media marketer or similar role. That’s because a person who excels in a position like this needs to be extremely familiar with a company’s brand voice and know how to communicate effectively to potential employees.

Social Media Crisis Manager

Back in the days when social media was mainly used by early adopters, this position was usually assumed by a general marketer. Now that news travels extremely fast across social media and is universally used, social media crisis managers are frequently called upon to monitor social media traffic and spot minor problems before they build into major headaches.

This past Valentine’s Day, many floral companies found themselves in hot water after some deliveries didn’t arrive on time, due in part to bad weather. Many people took to social media outlets to complain, and some were able to get assistance by appointed crisis managers. If you’re able to keep a level head under pressure, this could be the job for you.

These are several examples of social media positions that could end up earning your salary. They all demonstrate how the world of social media has become increasingly specialized. Even if one of these job prospects doesn’t quite fit your strengths, don’t dismay. Social media is growing at such a fast rate, and you may find a more appropriate way to exhibit your strong points soon. If not, there’s no harm in being adventurous by creating your own job on a part-time basis to see if it takes off.

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