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Understanding Social Media Analytics
Social Media Analytics

The Importance of Understanding Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics is a potent instrument to understand the attitudes and preferences of customers across a myriad of online sources. Businesses today are increasingly taking help of tools to gain insight into the psyche of their consumers through the help of social media, as there is a flood of information that is available to us through various online platforms and with the help of analytics these can be channeled into action based strategies.

Understanding social media analytics gives organizations an edge over their competitors through advanced knowledge about how their products and services are being perceived by their clients as well as potential clients. Understanding social media analytics lets businesses can take control of myriad of online user data and information to make smarter decisions regarding customer needs, attitude, opinions, latest trends and various factors that influence the same. With the help of a tool that can measure activities, behaviours and associations based on social media activities, organisation can convert enormous amounts of the derived data into effective business plans and outcomes.

Today a virtual world has become very advanced and complex, it not only provides a huge market for businesses and establishments, but also increases their visibility factor by expand their brand identity to the national and global scene. It helps them reach out to their audience in a more convenient and effective manner.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Flickr have billions of  users across the world sharing and spreading information like never before in time. The fact that people are updating all of their thoughts, pictures, videos and information to connect to and, to also know the world around them better.  There is a huge amount of social media data available consisting of user data and comments, geo-locations, web based relations and interactions etc which can be converted into easily comprehensible, logical and configurable charts, tables and dashboard.

Understanding social media analytics and the solutions it offers enable organisations to segment audience along demographic and geographic users. Apart from this audiences are categorised into actual user well potential users, including influencers, supporters and critics. This can help in understanding and predicting consumer behaviour and thereby employ appropriate marketing campaigns and promotions, and improve customer satisfaction through better delivery. Among the advantages include ability to address and mitigate issues related to production, customer service, organisations’ supply chain, human resource, social responsibility, partnerships as well as marketing policies.

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