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Social Media Monitoring Definition

Social Media Monitoring

Social networking is a relatively new activity. The first prominent social network was called Friends Reunited and launched in England in 1999. The purpose of the site was to reunite old school mates. Friendster, the next major effort grew to ...

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Social Media Monitoring Tools for Parents

Social Media Monitoring For Parents

If you are a parent, keeping your children safe online when they are browsing and talking to friends is one of the biggest concerns today. Understanding the various social media monitoring tools for parents that are available for parents will ...

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Social Media Best Practices for Nonprofits

Social Media Best Practices For Nonprofits

With this informative, step-by-step process, I’m going to show you social media best practices for nonprofits. Today, it’s easy for non-profits to promote their organization or idea using the tools that social media provide. You don’t need a big budget ...

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Social Media Tips for Realtors

Social Media Tips For Realtors

The days of mailing out letters and handing out flyers are over for realtors. These days, everyone and everything is connected on the Internet by social media. Twitter and Facebook are just some of the many ways that realtors stay ...

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Pinterest Data Analysis: A Best Practices Guide

Pinterest Data Analysis

When Pinterest first introduced unique marketing profile content, no one would have expected the creative impulse to come. The formidable social media platform also offers data analysis. The Best Practices Guide to Pinterest data analysis corresponds to continuous tracking of ...

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What are Social Media Data Aggregators: Complete Guide

Social Media Data Aggregators

Due to the size and popularity of social media, you are probably wondering how you could collect the information for yourself across several networks. This need created what is now called Social Media Data Aggregators, and it allows you to ...

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