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BrandWatch Report Sheds Light on Telecommunications Trends


Social media platforms have developed into dynamic marketing tools capable of reaching the trusted networks of today’s consumers. In an effort to add legitimacy and better quantify social media’s advertising force, Brandwatch, a global business, provides software solutions to help ...

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6 Reasons Social Media Marketers Use Social Tool Locowise

6 Reasons Social Media Marketers Use Social Tool Locowise

Thank you again for visiting our site and your interest in reading our articles and blogs. In addition to publishing content on social media marketing practices, we also share information on social media tools and social media analytics. We endeavor ...

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Brandwatch Announces New Mission and Highlights ROI of Social Media Analytics


Brandwatch is on a new mission to effectively use social media analytics as a way to measure targeted responses. Targeted responses drive business. Social media can bring people together using targeted interaction (specialized content.) Just think of content as a ...

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Geo Targeting Social Media

geo targeting social media

Social media is an integral part of advertising in the modern era. It is the integration of advertising into the virtual lives of individuals, as companies have launched social media campaigns to redefine their brands. Geo targeting social media is ...

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