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Social Media Tips For Realtors

Social Media Tips for Realtors

The days of mailing out letters and handing out flyers are over for realtors. These days, everyone and everything is connected on the Internet by social media. Twitter and Facebook are just some of the many ways that realtors stay connected to potential buyers. It’s quick, easy, and most of all, free! With this step-by-step process, I will show you some of the best and easiest social media tips for realtors.

1) Get on Twitter and Facebook:

Out of all the social media tips for realtors, this is the most important. In order to properly understand your clients and their needs, you need to be in constant communication with them. With Twitter and Facebook, you are only a tweet or a post away from finding out what they are looking for in a future home. Gone are the days of playing phone tag and having to leave messages. This helps build your name as a brand. By putting yourself out there on these platforms, you make yourself accessible to a wide range of future clients. If one person likes you, they can give you good word-of-mouth and pass you onto another client. It’s branding and smart business.

2) Be active on Facebook and Twitter:

Literally, you need to check it every few hours and respond to each and every post. You need to be proactive and look for people. Don’t be afraid to send a message, comment, or reach out to someone if you see they need help. You need to build your social media data so people see you are serious and out there to be found. The more likes and the more comments, the better. You can’t sit still and expect people to find you. You have to reach out and find them. Yes, anyone can do these social media tips for reaaltors, but you have to build up your social media data and put in the work and effort to make it a reality.

3) Have fun:

You’ve followed the first two social media tips for realtors and you’ve built up your social media data, so now it’s time to have fun! Yes, this is supposed to be fun. If your clients see how much fun you are having, they will see you as someone they want to do business with in the future. Times are changing all around us and we have to change with the times or get left behind. Social media shows you are fun, hip, and understand the current climate of the world. Your enthusiasm and excitement will make them want to work with you and recommend you to their friends and family.

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About Adam Post

Adam Post is a Los Angeles Social Media Strategist and Founder of Bright Age Digital Creative Agency. Follow me on Google Plus https://plus.google.com/+AdamPost/
  • Shelly

    Awesome points, Adam! Social networking sites have really created a vast platform for marketing. Not only is it affordable, your voice is heard on a much grander scale than
    traditional marketing. I am able to reach many more potential real estate clients using social media than I ever could by advertising locally.

    • apost4

      Thank you for your comment. I completely agree. In order to increase personal brand awareness in the real estate community it is essential to be present across a variety of social media channels.

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