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Social Media Strategy for an Event

Social Media Strategy for an Event: Five Best Practices

For an experienced marketing expert, social networking is a great tool to use whenever exposure is required. You can reach an audience of millions of prospective customers just by having a comprehensive social media presence. Disocver why a social media strategy for an event is one of the most important tools you can use to increase attendance for your next event.

Create A Web Page About The Event

Whenever you reach out to someone on social media, you need to have a way of getting them details on your proposal. When you are putting together a social media strategy for an event, people will want to know all of the details about the event before they will commit to attending. That is where your event page comes in handy.

If your client has a website, then put the event page on the website. That will help increase exposure for the company as more people check out the details on the event. Make sure that your event page has every piece of information about the event including:

  • Date and Time
  • Location
  • Dress Code Information
  • Ticket Information
  • Entertainment Listing

Start Reaching Out To The Local Audience First

You should not limit your social media strategy for an event to just the local area, because there may be people from out of town who would be interested in attending. However, your event is going to get more initial attention if you start with a local audience.

The locals who see your social media listing of the event will share that listing and increase your exposure. Once you have reached out to your local audience, then you can start to expand out to others on social media. It is important to focus your initial efforts on the locals because that is where most of your audience will come from.

Have An RSVP System In Place

Facebook should be a major part of your social media strategy for an event because Facebook allows people to RSVP for the event. When someone says that they will be attending your event, then that person needs to instantly go onto a list of people who get regular updates about the event and any changes to the event information.

You can also use your RSVP list as a way to expand your client’s social media exposure. Send out friend requests to those who have RSVP’d to your event and use that to widen your social media audience.

Be Interactive On Social Media About The Event

No matter how comprehensive your event webpage may be, there will always be people with questions about your event. That is why you have to actively monitor your client’s social media pages and address any concerns that may be posted. Use the interactive nature of social media to increase your event attendance by answering questions on the spot.

Ramp Up The Marketing As The Event Approaches

If you just post an event on social media and then wait for RSVP’s, then your event will lose momentum. Keep posting updates about your event on your Facebook page in an attempt to get people interested in attending. Use Twitter to tweet out real time updates on any topics of interest such as entertainment or door prizes.

Social media is a great way to promote an event, but social media itself is only a marketing tool. It cannot do much of anything on its own, which is why you have to stay vigilant and use social media to make your client’s next event a success.

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