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Social Media Monitoring For Parents

Social Media Monitoring Tools for Parents

If you are a parent, keeping your children safe online when they are browsing and talking to friends is one of the biggest concerns today. Understanding the various social media monitoring tools for parents that are available for parents will help you to ensure the safety of your children when they are online at all times.

Reporting Underage Accounts

Many social networks today provide parents and other users of the community the ability to report profiles of children and teens who are under the age limit required in order to create an account. If you believe your child or another child has Facebook or another social media account and they are under the age of 13, reporting the profile can often be done to have the page taken down and the user terminated from the site immediately. Social media data that is made public can be viewed by anyone, so it is important to report all users who you believe are under the age minimum to join the online community.

Account Privacy Settings

Setting your child’s privacy settings with any social media accounts they have is also a great tool to put to use to ensure they are staying safe and protected online regardless of the networks they are using. Tweaking privacy settings and options within a social network allows you to choose whether your child’s profile is visible to the public, within search results or only to close family and friends. Reading up on the privacy options for all of your child’s social networks is essential to determine if the network is appropriate and safe enough for them. Private social media data should be kept private by tweaking your child’s social networking privacy settings, allowing you to feel safer when they are browsing online.

Install Filtering Software

You can install filtering software on your computer which will allow you to block specific type of content while also blocking specific social media sites if you prefer. You can also choose to track and monitor all Internet usage and history to ensure your child is being safe when online. Some programs also allow you to track social media data and what has been updated based on the type of software you have selected.

The more you know about the available social media monitoring tools for parents that are available today, the easier it is to keep track of your children when they are online regardless of what they are browsing or who they are chatting with at all times. Using social media monitoring tools for parents is highly recommended whether you have one child in the home or an entire household who are getting interested in social networking and everything the Internet has to offer.

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