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Tools To Understand Your Audience

Social Media Data: Top Five Tools To Understand Your Audience

Understanding one’s target audience is a vital component of advertisement for any company, and implementing the right social media metrics tools not only helps businesses understand their customers but also helps the corporation take the business to the next level. If you are unsure whether or not your business is having an impact on social media networks, the following top five social media metrics tools will help you understand and measure your target audience for a successful marketing campaign.


Klout Social Media Data Tool

Among the top-rated social media metrics tools available for businesses, Klout helps companies measure their social media influence, allowing them to better understand their target audience. Taking into account the business’ social media data from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, Klout analyzes the company’s overall influence on potential clientele by providing an easy-to-use user interface and basic graphs. Statistics cover amplification probability, network size and reach, user influence, and customer interaction, making Klout one of the best analytics tools for businesses.


Offered through the social tracking tool SumAll, TwentyFeet utilizes graphs to present social media data from Twitter and Facebook, providing businesses with data from the previous week, month, and quarter. This social media data tool allows companies to get a greater understanding of their customer base, making the data more manageable by indicating significant differences in friends, mentions, followers, comments, and retweets. TwentyFeet identifies the differences statistics via an icon that informs the business about the fall and rise in numbers as well as the expected change.


Using the business’ existing social media data, Crowdbooster identifies when customers will interact with the posts as well as when the business will have the greatest influence over the target audience. Providing a graphic overview, the dashboard shows the amount of retweets, replies, comments, likes, and people reached over the social media network, allowing companies to understand how the posts can be leveraged to reach a wider audience.


Among the best analytics tools for understanding one’s target audience, TweetStats provides a general data overview for social media networks. This social media tool allows businesses to analyze tweets by delivering thorough graphs on data interaction, which shows active times, customer interaction, and regularly used interfaces. TweetStats offer an accurate account of the business’ user names, terms, and hashtags that are used regularly.

My Web Career

Analyzing social media data from Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, and web searches, My Web Career determines a company’s overall career score. This media tool focuses on a business’ network size, social media presence, and clientele reliability and strength. The “My Data” section provides a greater understanding of customer interaction by showing the companies and industries that utilize the services, while the “My Network” section allows businesses to explore their contacts through specialized diagrams. As one of the best analytics tools, My Web Career provides businesses with a reliable way to understand their target audience and how to take advantage of customer connections.


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