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Valentine’s Day Digital Marketing Campaign

Planning Your Valentine’s Day Digital Marketing Campaign

The holiday cheers are upon us and they always bring many treats. Each holiday season is full of perspective when it comes to internet marketing. People spend unlike any other time of the year and marketing campaigns should be prepared so as to make the most out of this shopping frenzy. But what is the best way to plan your digital marketing campaign? There are many ways, of course, but we will focus on the different marketing channels to be used and the right time to employ them.

The Right Time to Spend

When planning the timing of investing in marketing strategies, one should always consider seasonality. As we already mentioned, Valentine’s  is the perfect season to spend, so be sure to go through your web analytics software and approximate what works out best for your business.

Don’t focus only on websites that sell gifts and other Valentine’s equipment, so to speak. There might be a seasonal rise in an industry you never thought of. Don’t forget that people like to spend a whole day in their homes during Valentine’s, so they might be interested in home appliances, decoration, small furniture etc. These are just some of the many examples related to home improvements, check them all out.

November and December are obviously the right months for marketing investments, depending on the desired business and companies. But Valentine’s  is next, so be creative and do something to make your products stand out in front of the competition.

Marketing Channels to Choose from

Of course, SEO is always something that needs to be worked on, so here we will discuss the channels that vary from season to season, focusing on Valentine’s. There are many to choose from and not every channel is worth the investment.


PPC, or Pay Per Click, is often the best solution. It enables you to plan your spending most accordingly, follow the effects of the campaign, and pay only for the most realistic results of your advertising. Another great aspect of PPC is the ability to change and adapt the message of the ad on one account so that it matches the current seasonal trends. In this case, it would be adapting existing ads to Valentine’s spending. The competition will probably be doing the same thing, which subsequently raises the cost of advertising, but it will pay off in the long run.

Email Marketing

Take extra care of your email marketing plan as people will be over encumbered with promotional emails. You need to make sure that your email is visible and stands out. Offer something extraordinary and beat the competition. The best way to do this is subscribing to your competitors in order to see what they are offering.


Many people will visit your site, look at products and leave without purchasing. If this happens too often you may want to retarget them. Take some time in preparing the requirements for design and development. Use attractive display banners and a tracking code. It is easy to organize but may take more time than other channels, so think wisely before opting for this choice.

Social Media Creative Marketing

1. Holiday Vine

Since Vines appear in Twitter’s main feed, they’re easy to spot and simple for individuals to use and share on Twitter and Facebook. Advertisers have been amazed by Twitter’s 6-second video application to show  more imaginative side to the brands. Try to use stop-motion short video and see your brand and products come to life in a peculiar liveliness and here is your chance to send beautiful holiday messages to your devoted followers. It’s a straightforward and cunning approach to attract people and praise an occasion like Valentine’s or any other holiday.

2.  Use Twitter to Introduce a Microsite

Microsites are an incredible idea when you need to set up an event or a competition, yet always try to make it different from your main website. When the occasion/event/competition is over, you can effectively close it down or delete links and start over again if necessary.

But none of this isn’t possible if you don’t incorporate Twitter practicality!

A percentage of the most popular cosmetic brands have tried and succeeded simply by asking fans to wish for an item and use their Twitter account to finish the wishing process. One wish was conceded every day for 30 days. All the wishes were gathered on the microsite as clickable (gift) tags, which looked great and gave that special classy touch to the page. Connecting to users Twitter accounts implied that the wishes were present on social media and that was the idea in the first place.

3. Facebook Games

It might be difficult to ‘lure’ individuals who are not your fans to visit your website. But adding easy to play games could do the trick. After playing once or twice, people will spread the ‘news’ around and you’ll have the needed attention.

4. Pinterest Boards

Despite the fact that brands still make print and TV ads, a percentage of the most amazing brands are  innovative and well aware of the importance of digital content. So, add and share images, start with Pinterest which is user friendly, than track your site activity and make online deals like never before.

 About The Author:

Katrina is a writer and part time blogger. She is passionate about marketing. This article was inspired by Valentine’s Day online marketing ideas and holiday marketing and promotional tips.

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