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Organizing Social Media Data

Organizing Social Media Data: A How To Guide

With today’s businesses seeking involvement in at least a half dozen social media outlets, coordinating this complex operation requires attention paid to organization of all the graphics, materials, and data that go into a far-reaching campaign. Connecting with the public through social media requires a number of different media types such as video presentations, textual content, and photographs, and all these elements may become overwhelming over time.

Enhancing a continuously fresh social media campaign requires knowledge of what topics have been covered before, so it’s vital to keep track of all the media already used. Posting the same video, announcement, or picture more than once may annoy consumers who already have a busy social media feed. Proper organization of social media campaigns includes the following responsibilities:

1. Make a calendar of events

Because a social media campaign today requires more than just a few posts a week on a Facebook feed, creating a calendar for implementation of different media releases helps greatly in reducing time spent on duplicate content. In addition, the chance that a company might bombard customers (or readers) with too much content is reduced. Utilizing social media data services will often help a company keep track of what has already been shown to customers through social networking sites.

2. Record and track project history

Depending on the resources and needs of the company, recording social media details through a simple spreadsheet might be sufficient, or a more advanced program from a social media data services company might be necessary. Resources exist online to track a variety of social media projects, which also offer details on campaign analytics and performance and help with organizing social media data.

3. Reevaluate focus on monthly analysis 

Sometimes a social networking campaign might be a roaring success and other campaigns might not fare so well. Revisiting current social media campaigns at least once a month is essential to make sure that the expected results have been realized and that further changes aren’t necessary. Keeping up with so many social media campaigns may become time-consuming, so it’s important to track your success and identify opportunities for improvement.

4. Add new venues for communication

Each year a new and important social media option comes online, and it’s vital to keep an eye on new social media developments so as to jump on those new opportunities as soon as they’re available. Being one of the first-adopters of new social communication options offers a business or individual an edge over companies that don’t consider fresh and new ways to talk with customers and clients.

Possessing a clear history of social media projects and recording the results helps a company to figure out whether certain projects are worth the investment or whether changes need to be made. By organizing social media data, a company may increase brand presence and customer recognition through the internet.

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