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New Social Media Analytics tool Locowise Proves to Have Great Functionality and Reporting

In this day and age, it’s very hard to compete without a strong social media presence. Companies and brands in every area and of every size are realizing how important it is to maintain social media profiles as a way to connect directly with customers. This is a powerful source of feedback, a way to reach new audiences, and a channel to inform customers about sales, new products, and updates.

However, taking full advantage of social media is far from easy. Social media profiles generate huge amounts of data that are hard to interpret without expert guidance from a consulting firm. The alternative is a social media reporting tool. These apps can allow for centralized control of social media profiles, data collection and visualization, and tracking of customers, audiences, and the competition.

Enter Locowise, a New Social Media Analytics Tool. Locowise is emerging as one of the top social media reporting tools in the business. It has many different functions that can use the data from social media profiles to inform marketing strategy all the way up the executive level.

The first way that Locowise can help is through easier management of social media profiles through a central dashboard that tracks the performance of your profiles. In fact, it isn’t limited to your own profiles- you can also check out the data on your competition’s pages. This is a perfect way to learn whether you are losing customers to them, or vice versa.

Next, Locowise can pull out your data and make beautiful charts and graphs detailing your customers and audience, using any metric and analytic you can name. Locowise currently supports over 800 metrics and is adding more every day. You can combine and compare them using dashboards that pool your data from different profiles. On top of that, once you have collected the information you want and have a good visual presentation, you can export it to a PDF, Powerpoint presentation, or Excel worksheet with a single click.

You can pick which date range you want to use for data collection in order to examine the effectiveness of a certain campaign, and break down user data in terms of the device they are using, gender, probable age, location, and more. The richly detailed demographic information, combined with the powerful tools for collecting, aggregating, and visualizing the data, constitutes a crucial strategic tool that shows you exactly who your best customers are and how your competition is doing. These metrics are invaluable. Locowise can even provide suggestions for strategies to optimize performance.

Locowise, as a social media reporting tool, takes all of the data that makes social media such a rich area of marketing and translates it into a form that people can use for strategic insight. Just having access to the data isn’t enough: you need to turn it into a form of actionable intelligence that tells a clear story about where to take the brand next.

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