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Marketing with Instagram

5 Ways to Enhance Marketing Efforts with Instagram

Mobile devices changed not only our access to technology, but the ways we connect with the world. Networks and platforms that connect individuals with shared interests are on the rise. If a marketing strategy doesn’t adjust to meet this changing technology landscape, it will fail to succeed in the coming months and year.

For this reason, marketers should pay serious attention to Instagram, the fastest growing social network in the world. Now being called a marketer’s best friend because of its ability to connect brands and customers with high engagement rates and measurable results, it’s time to incorporate the platform into your marketing strategy if you have yet to do so. Check out these five ways to make it happen.

1.    Start Now

Unlike the most popular social networks in terms of users, Instagram is still growing in size. This means many brands have yet to take advantage of the platform, which creates a window of opportunity. But getting started now is critical; by gaining an engaged following now, before the crowd of brands becomes too heavy, you have less competition when it comes to the attention of your target market which means more opportunity and potential.

2.    Set Brand-Specific Hashtags

Much like Twitter, trends can be searched via hashtags. This means that your brand should have a set of three to five hashtags that you use regularly and encourage your followers to do the same – contests, regular posts and so on. By establishing a series of hashtags, you’re creating a unique space for your brand on the network and allowing followers to interact around those themes. For example, if you’re trying to promote chief of police jobs, you might want a catchy hashtag like #copjobs.

3.    Engage Your Followers

Social network is about engagement. It’s wonderful that you’re sharing images as part of your Instagram campaign, but, if your followers are not responding, liking, sharing or interacting, your efforts will fall short. Instead, get creative. Share the posts of your followers, tag them in posts, like what they share and follow them back. Doing so creates an opportunity to show appreciation and to interact with the networks of your followers, increasing brand reach.

4.    Vary the Posts

If you’re a restaurant, sure, showing pictures of food is important. If you’re a landlord, photos of available space to rent are important. However, the structure must vary. Showing photos of employees, of clients and of spaces around town can increase interest in your company and in interacting on Instagram in the first place. Keep it exciting by varying what you post.

5.    Run a Contest

By setting up an Instagram photo contest, you’ll give your followers a reason to not only check your page regularly, but, also to spread your company message, encouraging their own followers to join in. Offer prizes that make it worth their time and consider a week- or month-long approach that requires daily photo sharing around specific themes.  Participation is almost a guarantee.

Because of its rising engagement rates and overall popularity, Instagram can go a long way toward enhancing a brand’s marketing efforts. Try implementing the ideas above and taking your digital marketing strategy to the next level.

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