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Keeping Brand Consistency Across All Social Media Platforms

Every brand’s primary goal is getting consumers to remember them. What’s the best way to do this? Well let’s think about it. If you had to just pull three random brands out of your head, they would probably be something like Verizon, Google, and Amazon. Now why did I just think of these three companies? Probably because they’re everywhere! On TV, on the Internet, on billboards; everywhere you look, these brands are advertising their name.

However, just having your brand everywhere is not enough to be remembered. The reason these three brands are so easy to remember is that they are all consistent. What does that mean? Well, regardless of where you see these companies advertised, their image remains the same. This could mean using the same colors and logos across all fronts, or incorporating the same marketing campaign in every location where they advertise, rather than having unrelated ads all over the place.

Keeping your brand consistent is essential. In order to ingrain your company into the minds of potential customers, you have to make sure you are remembered. The best way to do that is by maintaining a consistency in how you present yourself in all places, including social media. By creating a single look for your company, you will make your brand immediately recognizable by consumers, and by coming across it multiple times, they come to remember it. Here are some things to consider in order to help you stay consistent in all places:


As said before, one of the main ways to maintain consistency within your brand is using a similar image in all locations. For example, if your company is an alcohol rehab facility with a logo of a shattered blue wine bottle, you will want to use the same shade of blue as the primary color for all of your social media pages. The image of the wine bottle should likewise be used wherever possible, such as in the profile picture of your Facebook page. In this way, consumers will be able to identify you by your image, and there is a stronger chance of them remembering your brand in the future.

Image can also include fonts and borders. To have your brand name written in silly, droopy lettering with a surrounding green border in one place while having it in classy writing surrounded by a border of roses in another is just confusing. Your choice of font should fit the image you are trying to create, and it should remain the same in every place it is used. Never use cliché fonts like Papyrus or Comic Sans.


Maintaining a common theme means applying a particular ad campaign to all social media pages. If, let’s say, the season is autumn and you want to use red and orange leaves and pumpkins in on an ad campagin, then you should use such images in your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages as well. To have one social media page designed to fit the season and another designed to show fluffy animals, your brand will not be as memorable as it could be if it were to remain consistent.

Set yourself a reminder at the first of each month to do a solid review of each social media platform. Make it a goal to check consistency, and you’ll see increased success.

Scott Huntington is a writer, reporter, blogger, and social media guru. He currently lives in PA and with his wife and son. Follow Scott at @SMHuntington



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