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Benefit from LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score

How You Can Benefit from LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score

Are you utilizing LinkedIn effectively? Until recently, you and more than 300 million other users may have used LinkedIn as something similar to a virtual resume. Now, thanks to the site’s new Content Marketing Score, you can make the site work for you like never before.

What Is the Content Marketing Score?

LinkedIn’s new Content Marketing Score allows you to know which profile content gets the most audience engagement. It is calculated by dividing unique engagement by your total target audience.

As you publish new content to your profile, the Content Marketing Score quantifies the popularity of the paid and organic content on your profile. Basically, it tells you which stuff is popular, and who is making it so.

Why Use the Content Marketing Score?

In the past, marketers had to try and try again to detect what certain audiences wanted to see. Now, instead of publishing and simply hoping it attracts an audience, marketers can know when particular content is popular, and who is enjoying it.

How Will the Content Marketing Score Impact Content Marketing?

As I said, the Content Marketing Score will open new doors for marketers publishing content on LinkedIn. It will help in a multitude of ways:

1. Discovering What’s Popular

Whether a marketer is selling candy bars or shielding technology, he must know how to appeal to his audience. He needs to know exactly what the audience wants: what language, what visuals, etc. So how does one learn all that stuff?

By practicing a trial and error method, marketers can now monitor their Content Marketing Score to determine which types of publications attract the most influential and the biggest audiences.

That way, marketers can detect trends and patterns to better their content marketing strategy. Instead of blindly attempting to win over their target audience, marketers will now know exactly what catches their eyes and gets them engaging in the content.

2. Exposed Competitor Numbers

All brands are going to want high engagement, as interaction on the web is always a goal. Therefore, companies are, as in all situations, going to want to beat out their competitors.

Measuring engagement amongst competitors will spark creative and interesting new angles as company’s battle for the best audience. If brands don’t challenge themselves to publish new and interesting pieces, the numbers will reflect an audience losing interest. Giving marketers insight to their competitor’s numbers will keep the fight for the top alive and thriving.

3. Something More Valuable Than “Likes” or Clicks

LinkedIn’s new tool will provide marketers with deeper feedback than they’d previously received. For instance, brands had emphasized “likes” and clicks to their sites, but now they can track genuine engagement.

4. Publish All Over LinkedIn

All LinkedIn users were recently given access to a LinkedIn Publishing Platform, which had initially been available only to high-influence individuals. The Publishing Platform tool, allowing you to publish articles, photos, videos and more to your profile, complements the Content Marketing Score tool quite well.

Marketers can also utilize the Content Marketing Score on company updates, LinkedIn Groups, sponsored updates and more. These areas of the site previously had limited publishing capabilities, but now they’re open for scoring.

This will allow marketers to not only detect what’s popular, but to see which places on LinkedIn receive the most engagement. They can really zero in on where their success is coming from, and use the score to build on those successes.

5. Build a Long-term Strategy

Measuring engagement will require marketers to build long-term marketing strategies in order to effectively reach all audience segments. Marketers will be challenged to provide valuable, interesting information to specific demographics, but the Content Marketing Score will, in the long run, help them achieve this.

LinkedIn has thrown a real game-changing tool into its mold. Marketers and audiences alike will benefit from the Content Marketing Score. The audience can gobble up the new, interesting publications and marketers can smile to themselves as their numbers soar.

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