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How To Use Pinterest

How to Use Pinterest Even if Your Company Doesn’t Have Visible Products

How to Use Pinterest Even if Your Company Doesn’t Have Visible Products

When you log into Pinterest and see pictures of interior design, wedding planning, outfit inspiration and DIY tricks, it’s easy to assume it’s for the younger – and less business-minded. Don’t be so quick to write it off. This is a growing network that goes beyond aesthetics to provide companies with a chance to expand their businesses, whatever business it might be. So even if your business isn’t “visual,” think outside the box so you can tap into the network that has seen a 150 percent increase in revenue per visitor. Here are some pointers:

  • Provide tips: Establish yourself as a source for help via tips people will want to remember. If there are things you’ve learned along the way, share the knowledge via a pin that’s helpful and pretty. This will also help humanize your brand. In a DIY world, any sort of tip or how-to gets plenty of re-pins and shares. Make sure you don’t give away too much, such as a way someone could completely bypass your product. For example, if you’re a dentist, don’t offer tips on how to self-examine your own teeth.
  • Share quotes:  A quote really can say it all, and sometimes impactful quotes resonate with people unlike anything else. Whether they express a life lesson, a human emotion or a sweet saying, cull quotes relevant to your audience and brand – they are among the most-pinned items on Pinterest. You don’t even have to have any graphic design skills to find a copyright free image and throw some text over it. Just make sure you do some research to make sure the quote is accurate. You can also quote your customers. You’ll get the message out that people like your business, and your customers will be excited to see their words getting shared and pinned.
  • Develop infographics: Have something cool to say but don’t want to bore your audience with words? Use an infographic to tell the story. This way you can share data in an easily digestible way, presenting sometimes complicated things more clearly.  Check out this amazing infographic from Neoman Studios, about the importance of (you guessed it), infographics.  That took some serious professional design work, but a quick Google search will bring up some helpful tips and programs to get you started if you’d like to make your own.
  • Before and afters: These are not just for furniture restoration and makeovers! If your company has been hard at work on something, whether it’s a project or an update to the office, share it. People love seeing results – give the people what they want! Give people the side-by-side pictures so they can see the huge difference you’ve made. Just make sure you plan ahead and get the before pictures early enough.
  • Photos of the team: Help give a human face – or several – to your company by sharing your team’s photos. It’s something fun for your co-workers to maintain as a departure from the typical workday agenda. It’s also a great way to convey the personality of your company in a fun way. Plus, your employees who have their own Pinterest page will often repin them on their own sites, getting your brand out there even more.
  • Give testimonials: If you’ve done good work and you’re proud of it, share it – and make it more meaningful by letting those who have benefitted from it share it for you. 12 Keys Rehab Center has seen success by taking this avenue; they don’t offer a  physical “product” but they have benefited many, and that is told via success quotes and testimonials from those who used their services.   Plus, this might give people a push in the right direction, knowing others value what you do. It also plays on the emotions by showing a changed life.
  • Create contests: Give people a chance to get to know your products or services by trying them for free. If they win the giveaway and love what you offer, they are likely to become brand ambassadors and tell their friends and family. Plus, who doesn’t love winning free things? It doesn’t even have to be something big. Gift cards are amazing, because usually people will spend more than their card is worth.
  • Ask for input: Thinking about redoing your logo or can’t decide between two venues for a company party? Ask your audience to weigh in. It gets them involved and makes them feel more connected to your company – plus, it helps you make a more informed decision that will keep the masses happy! You can do this for just about anything. Maybe coming up with the name of your new product, or have them pick the colors of the paint for the walls, or have them name the new office goldfish. You’ll be amazed at the response, and will make someone’s day when you select their idea.

Keeping these ideas in mind, set out to develop a strategy that works for your company and what it offers. Always keep your audience in mind, since this is a great tool to connect with them where they are already hanging out and to be a value-add that just might help you stay top of mind.

Scott Huntington is a writer, reporter, blogger, and social media guru. He currently lives in PA and with his wife and son. Follow Scott at @SMHuntington



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