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Images to Improve Your Facebook Page
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How to Use Images to Improve Your Facebook Page

If your business’s Facebook page is a never-ending stream of text, you’re most likely doing it wrong. Adding pictures to your wall can engage friends, encourage sharing and educate clients. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to really connect with your audience.

In social media, pictures really are worth 1,000 words, and sometimes even more. Because human beings are such visual creatures, a photo and the story behind it are easily absorbed and recalled. And don’t forget, not all visuals have to be pictures. The popularity of infographics has exploded over the past few years because they have the unique ability to deliver a ton of information in an engaging format.


Images are a great way to engage your Facebook audience. Let’s use the example of a café with a Facebook page. Instead of posting a statement like “Good morning! Did you get your cup of Joe today?” the café could post a shot of the day’s specialty drink and ask followers what their favorite morning beverages are.

Catching the eye of consumers with a photo and then asking for some kind of a response is a solid way to start a conversation with your Facebook public. Try to engage your followers by:

  • Asking questions. “Have you tried our …?” “What’s better, dark roast or breakfast blend?”
  • Posting pics of customers (with their permission, of course) and tagging them. Your customers will be more likely to share the pic on their Timeline, exposing your business to all of their friends.
  • Asking for input. “We’re thinking of adding these egg white veggie wraps to the breakfast menu. Would you order one?”


Are your products for sale online? Use Facebook to spark interest and drive online sales. Using your Facebook page to announce a new product or draw attention to your products and services is a no brainer.

A great way to step up your game is to post pics of your product and tie it to a contest or a discount. Try posting a picture and using ideas similar to the following:

  • The first 10 people to like this get a free refill.
  • Share this on your Timeline to be entered to win a free (insert product here).
  • Tell us what your favorite product is and you’ll receive a 10 percent discount on your next purchase.


People can learn a lot more a lot faster from images than from text. Infographics have expanded in popularity in the last few years thanks to their ability to inform and entertain. A good infographic is more likely to go viral than an article.

Check out this cool infographic from CJ Pony Parts. Can you imagine this information being delivered in text? It would be a long, unwieldy article that would lose readers before they were a quarter of the way through it.

To get started illustrating your info try infographic services such as:

Make sure you’re keeping the big “picture” in mind next time you post to your business’s Facebook page.

Scott Huntington is a writer, reporter, blogger, and social media guru. He currently lives in PA and with his wife and son. Follow Scott at @SMHuntington

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