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Geo Targeting Social Media

Social media is an integral part of advertising in the modern era. It is the integration of advertising into the virtual lives of individuals, as companies have launched social media campaigns to redefine their brands.

Geo targeting social media is the next step in this process, as people become more and more reliant on their smartphones to access social media. This allows companies to use geo targeting social media to determine the location of customers and advertise specifically to customers who are in close physical proximity to their businesses.

Companies that have already used geo targeting social media as part of their social media advertising include Yelp, Facebook and Foursquare. It is effective because potential customers are much more likely to visit a business if the business is close by, since it is a lot less effort and does not disrupt their daily routines. It is especially important for small businesses which may not have the brand recognition of larger companies, but can use geo targeting social media to gain local awareness and create a local customer base.

There is also the case of Foursquare, which combines social media and marketing in a way that makes it a game for customers to broadcast their locations while advertising the business that they are visiting. They do so by creating badges for locations that are earned by users when they use Foursquare to check in to that business. It is a new way to conduct word of mouth advertising online by allowing customers to advertise the business. It also gives more credibility to the message because it is coming from the customers themselves instead of being from the business. Businesses can also motivate people to check into the location on Foursquare by offering special discount deals in order to create brand recognition.

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