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Five Free Tools for Social Media Analytics

Five Free Tools for Social Media Analytics

Everyone knows that social media plays an integral role in any online marketing strategy. Engaging your audience on various social media platforms is a powerful way to build your brand and build a loyal base of customers. How do you measure the success of your social media efforts? Tallying up your fans or followers shows you part of the picture, but an effective social media analysis involves factors that go beyond sheer quantity. Many free social media analytic tools are available to give you a better insight into how well you’re doing on each of the major platforms. Let’s look at five of the most popular tools for analyzing social media data.

1. Facebook Insights

If you have a Facebook business page, you can use this built-in utility to check out various metrics about your Facebook presence. The tool can tell you about the makeup of your fan base: demographic, location, gender and age. It can also give you social media data regarding who’s talking about your page, and page views for all your Facebook content.

2. Google Analytics

Another of the many free social media analytic tools available for users is Google Analytics. With this utility, you can find out who’s clicking on your website’s social buttons: the Twitter button, Facebook Like button, and so forth. You can also check out your content’s engagement, which is a measure of how effectively each of your pages inspires readers to “like” or tweet the content.

3. Twitter Analytics

While this social media analysis tool used to be exclusive to advertisers on Twitter, the functionality has now been made available to all users. This utility is a great way to analyze who’s following you on Twitter and see how your latest tweets are doing, all in an user-friendly graph format.

4. Klout

Klout is a social media analytics tool with an intriguing concept: it tracks your influence across multiple social media platforms and then assigns you a Klout score. The score is determined by how much your fans and followers interact with your posts. In addition to this composite score, Klout also provides a social media analysis pie chart, so you can see where the bulk of your influence comes from.

5. Pinterest Web Analytics

If you’re wondering about your influence on Pinterest, their Web Analytics tool provides great social media data about this platform. Users can see how many people have pinned content from their website, as well as how many people are viewing their pins and clicking their content. Additionally, you can track other social media analytics, such as which of your pins gets repinned the most, and who’s doing the repinning.

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