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Engaging Social Media Influencers

Engaging Social Media Influencers

If you’re like me, engaging social media influencers might not be the easiest of tasks to complete since I am a baby in the social media arena. In fact, upon my initial research into this topic, I found that I am far from being alone in this area.

So, in my quest to figure out just how to go about engaging social media influencers, my first task was to figure out exactly who these influencers are and what is so important about them that I would want to influence them.

I learned that they are those who speak positively on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets about a brand and/or product. They can be a stay-at-home mom who has gotten a huge following on her popular blog or a big name who has developed their Facebook page to a huge following. Social media is, it turns out, a gold mine of the best form of advertising, which is word of mouth. Social media puts word-of-mouth advertising on steroids!

So, it’s easy to see just why we would like to engage them if we have a brand or product for which we’d like to gain more attention. But, now that we’ve figured out just who these social media influencers are, how can we go about engaging them.

Tips on engaging social media influencers:

1. Use Twitter and Google. Find influencers who are interested in your particular industry, and start working to gain their attention. Be someone they easily recognize. Then, keep working at it and soon, when you have something to say, you will be hearing back from them and engaging with them.

2. Once you have developed your own social base, you will get an idea of who is listening more, so to say, and you can work to draw these people out. They will, in turn, be influencers for you with their family, friends, and circle of influence.

3. Say thank you, or, otherwise, reward your influencers.

4. Get personal. Everyone likes to be acknowledged and recognized when they
provide help to a friend or associate. So, mention them and their kind actions in some of your social media channels.

5. Tailor your social media actions to the platform. Whatever is appropriate for Twitter, is not, necessarily, appropriate for Facebook and so on.

6. Keep up with the conversation. It’s hard for you to be engaging social media influencers if you don’t know what’s happening in it.

Social media and its conversations, social media platforms, and ways of engaging social media influencers will always be changing. So, it is important to be a part of the conversation and, also, watch for these changes and adjust to them. Engaging these influencers takes time and effort, and once you have them engaged, you want to keep it that way. Engaging social media influencers can create a buzz for you and your brand culminating in increased sales and customers.

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