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Top 6 Twitter Marketing Tools of 2016


These top twitter marketing tools for 2016 are sure to boost your presence on Twitter. Promoting your company on Twitter comes with many obstacles and we have highlighted the top six management tools to keep your twitter account growing and ...

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Twitter Best Practices for Businesses

Twitter Best Practices

Whether your business currently operates a Twitter account and is looking for ways to improve or you’re interested in learning more about the network and whether it’d be effective in your social media marketing campaign, it’s important to become familiar ...

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What We Can Learn From US Airways’ Latest Twitter Mishap

What We Can Learn From Us Airways

You’ve probably considered what would happen if the wrong message was sent over Twitter to the wrong individual or group or got into the hands of the wrong person. Unfortunately, US Airways doesn’t have to wonder; the company experienced its ...

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What do Twitter’s New Profiles Mean for Your Brand?

Twitters New Profiles

What just happened to Twitter? Has it merged with Facebook? These are questions on the mind of many of Twitter’s users with the introduction of a new profile format that is similar to the rival network. As a brand, what ...

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Emotion Calendar: Twitter Researchers Pinpoint When You’re Happy and Sad

Twitter Researchers Pinpoint

It’s obvious that not every tweet is void of emotion. Sure, media outlets use Twitter to promote and share their work and businesses rely on Twitter for exposure through contests and coupon codes. But Tweeters with personal accounts often rely ...

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How Does a Business Gain Followers on Its Twitter Account?

How Does a Business Gain Followers on Its Twitter Account?

You may read a great deal on the internet explaining why businesses need to be active on social media sites. You might have even sought out advice regarding which social media sites are best to use and how to set ...

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