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5 Ways to Build Your Presence on Google+

Build Your Presence On Google+

Whether you’re using social media for personal purposes, or you’re representing a business, Google+ is becoming an increasingly important social media site to be on. That’s because your presence there can affect your ranking in the Google search engine, since ...

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7 Do’s & Don’ts that Drive Positive Social Media Responses

Social Media Responses

In a culture where getting the most likes, re-tweets, shares or comments is a driving force not just for adolescents but for thriving corporations, you’d think the playing field would be a little more level. However, the end result is ...

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Why You Should Be Using Social Media to Build Success Stories

Social Media Success Stories

You hear all the time from marketers and various promoters that using social media as a customer service tool is beneficial. They throw down a few examples, some ideas on how to use social media to your advantage and that’s ...

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What do Twitter’s New Profiles Mean for Your Brand?

Twitters New Profiles

What just happened to Twitter? Has it merged with Facebook? These are questions on the mind of many of Twitter’s users with the introduction of a new profile format that is similar to the rival network. As a brand, what ...

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Social Media Marketing For Non-Profits: Best Practices

Social Media For Non-Profits

I’ve watched many non-profits struggle with the concept of social media marketing. Always spread thin as it is, the time to engage potential advocates and donors online seems the least of concerns. Unfortunately, this means that many non-profits simply miss ...

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Five Ways To Grow Your Business Using Open Source Tools

Open Source Tools For Your Business

When it comes to being a business owner, you don’t want string to hold you back from doing your best and making the most of your company. And as great as technology can be, sometimes you are stuck with the ...

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