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Catering Social Media Activity to Mobile Users

Social Media Activity to Mobile Users

Just yesterday, Facebook – the largest social network in the world – announced that it had surpassed 1 billion monthly mobile users. This came one and a half years after the announcement that the network itself had 1 billion users, ...

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Nearby Friends’ Feature Allows Facebook Users to Connect in Real Life

nearby friends Facebook

Last Night’s Dinner. Engagements. New Jobs. Weight Loss. Random Thoughts. People share just about everything on Facebook these days, and on April 20 the company announced that they’d be taking that one step further. They’ve added a new feature called ...

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Adapting to Facebook Paper: 3 Tips for Success

Facebook Paper

Facebook has been a part of the way that individuals interact and connect online since mobile technology joined the web. It makes sense: as the largest social network in the world, with enough users to constitute one of the world’s ...

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5 Ways to Use Social Buttons on Your Website or Blog

Social Buttons

The world – especially the online world – has gone social. That’s why you’re here in the first place. You know that social media is critical for spreading your brand’s message, reaching out to the right market and interacting with ...

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What Social Media Can Tell You about Your Brand

What Social Media Can Tell You

Just five years ago, social media was used for recreation – most brands ignored it, and many companies banned it as part of various “online use” policies and procedures. The activities were generally regarded as disruptive to productivity and better ...

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What We Can Learn From US Airways’ Latest Twitter Mishap

What We Can Learn From Us Airways

You’ve probably considered what would happen if the wrong message was sent over Twitter to the wrong individual or group or got into the hands of the wrong person. Unfortunately, US Airways doesn’t have to wonder; the company experienced its ...

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