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Social Media Analytics Tools: Top 5 Tools To Monitor Your Brand

Social Media Analytics Tools

Having social media for your brand is vital in today’s world of technology. Whether you are sharing statuses, uploading photos, or generating interest for your company, social media can be a great marketing tool. However, with as many platforms that ...

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Social Analytic Tips to Improve your Marketing

Social Analytic Tips

Social Analytic Tips to Improve your Marketing So you’ve made the jump to build up your company’s social media presence. You’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. You’re trying your best to measure your fan base, followers and interest online, ...

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How to Improve Your Facebook Engagement


If your business jumped on the bandwagon and created a Facebook page to engage with customers and potential clients, kudos to you. It seems most every business or individual interested in connecting with customers and friends has joined Facebook. However, ...

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What To Consider When Running a Competition On Facebook

running a competition on Facebook

Although there are many ways for brands to build an audience on Facebook, sometimes using organic tactics to generate interactions isn’t enough. In this case, one of the ways to compliment a social media campaign is to launch a competition, ...

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How to Tell If Your Marketing Strategy is Working

Marketing Strategy

After putting together a thorough marketing plan — complete with a timeline and budget — and placing ads, blogs and comments all over the Internet, the only thing left to figure out is whether the plan worked. Sure, you created ...

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Five Free Tools for Social Media Analytics

Five Free Tools for Social Media Analytics

Everyone knows that social media plays an integral role in any online marketing strategy. Engaging your audience on various social media platforms is a powerful way to build your brand and build a loyal base of customers. How do you ...

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