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Seven Ways Your Small Business Facebook Page is Turning off Customers

Small Business Facebook Page is Turning off Customers

At this point, every small business knows it’s necessary to have a presence on Facebook. But if you’re not executing your social media strategy properly, having a mismanaged Facebook page can be worse than having no page at all. From ...

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Five Ways To Start Your Business On Social Media

Start Your Business With Social Media

Do you have a new business that you are looking to get off the ground? Or perhaps you’ve been in business for a while and are just looking to expand your clientele? Either way, without hesitation, you should turn to ...

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Five Social Media Trends to Watch Out For in 2014


It doesn’t take much to change your online habits. One day you’re sharing kitten photos on Facebook and before you know it you’re checking your Instagram feed at least 10 times a day for new recipes. Don’t expect things to ...

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The Numbers of Social Media

The numbers of Social Media

Everywhere you look, people are on their computer, playing an app on their smartphone or reading an article on their tablets. Technology is everywhere and with technology comes social media. Nowadays there are about a million and one sites telling ...

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Why Your Food Brand Needs a Huge Public Relations Exercise


Social media is a motivating force in the food industry. Yes, while some businesses are embracing the online exposure their company can get, others are afraid to take chances. In today’s advanced world of technological innovations, a food company can’t ...

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How to Use Pinterest Even if Your Company Doesn’t Have Visible Products

How To Use Pinterest

How to Use Pinterest Even if Your Company Doesn’t Have Visible Products When you log into Pinterest and see pictures of interior design, wedding planning, outfit inspiration and DIY tricks, it’s easy to assume it’s for the younger – and ...

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