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Facebook Advertising Proves to be Effective, Especially with Restaurants

Happy friends in beer garden looking together at smartphones

In the middle of this modern technological uprising, restaurant marketing is at an all time competitive high. We’ve got the elaborate and high budgeted television commercials, catchy radio announcements and of course, old fashioned newspaper advertisements and promotional flyers. But ...

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5 Innovative Ways To Increase Engagement on Facebook

Increase Engagement on Facebook

Facebook provides an ideal resource for those that are looking to reach out to millions of people around the world with just one click of the mouse. Facebook has changed the way that people interact, the way companies market, the ...

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Using Facebooks New Dark Posts To Increase Post Engagement


The best way for a business to procure and retain quality customers is to maintain a high level of engagement with those customers. For decades, this was a challenge for businesses across many different industries. Nowadays, engaging with your customers ...

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5 Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes

5 Common Facebook Mistakes

Social media is becoming more popular and relevant every day. It accounts for a huge percentage of online activity, with sites like Facebook and Twitter consistently having some of the highest Alexa ranks. Being active on these sites and using ...

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Nearby Friends’ Feature Allows Facebook Users to Connect in Real Life

nearby friends Facebook

Last Night’s Dinner. Engagements. New Jobs. Weight Loss. Random Thoughts. People share just about everything on Facebook these days, and on April 20 the company announced that they’d be taking that one step further. They’ve added a new feature called ...

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Adapting to Facebook Paper: 3 Tips for Success

Facebook Paper

Facebook has been a part of the way that individuals interact and connect online since mobile technology joined the web. It makes sense: as the largest social network in the world, with enough users to constitute one of the world’s ...

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