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Brandwatch Launches Vizia, a Fresh Way to Monitor Your Brand in Real Time

Vizia,  is a fresh and new way to monitor your company’s brand. The best part about this tool is that you can monitor your brand in real time and manage a host of social activities also. Many companies are realizing their successes and failures faster with the help of Vizia. Here’s how Vizia can help your company remain abreast of your their brand.


1. Increase Social Intelligence Through Your Enterprise

Social intelligence can be improved in your organization with the help of Vizia. Vizia allows companies to establish a central social hub. Social media interactions can be translated into real-time social intelligence with the new “drag-and-drop” functionality. Users can create custom data visualizations, which help users make decisions quickly.

2. Impressive Features 

The scene preview feature is quite impressive. It allows users to build a scene and demonstrate what it would look like if it were deployed live. The interface is flexible and customizable. With the new administrative interface, more roles in organizations can be empowered by social intelligence data. This gives insight and helps to yield “tangible business results.”

3. Analyze Events and Campaigns in Real Time

Brandwatch Vizia is interactive and dynamic. It changes as your data changes. This means that data is always up-to-the-minute and accurate. You can make decisions instantaneously with all the information at your fingertips. The data can be accessed from anywhere including a smartphone or a tablet. Wherever you need access to your data, you’ll have it. The custom design options are appealing to users, and it can be customized for your business.

4. Monitor Your Progress in Comparison to Competitors

You should monitor your progress and be able to compare the results to your competitors. This type of information will let you know what you need to do to compete with others in your industry. When you gain a competitive advantage, you’ll increase revenue, and it will allow you the opportunity to re-invest in your product and build a loyal client following.

5. Agile Security and Crisis Management

Agile security and crisis management is an important aspect of Brandwatch. It ensures that any information captured will be protected and secure. In an age where security breaches are rampant, it’s important to ensure that your customer’s information is secure at all times. If a crisis does occur, you should have an action plan to mitigate the problem as quickly as possible.

Join the Movement and Monitor Your Brand with Vizia

This new brand monitoring system is one of the best in the industry. If you want to monitor your brand and make the best decisions based upon up-to-date information, Vizia may be the solution for you. It’s flexible, customizable, user-friendly, and effective. Many companies are turning to Vizia to become more socially savvy. Determine how Vizia can change your organization for the better. Learn more.

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