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Brandwatch Announces New Mission and Highlights ROI of Social Media Analytics

Brandwatch is on a new mission to effectively use social media analytics as a way to measure targeted responses. Targeted responses drive business. Social media can bring people together using targeted interaction (specialized content.) Just think of content as a customized formation, when used correctly, it really is social media marketing at its finest. Brandwatch views content as a way to measure the value of social interactions. This measurement illustrates how social interactions work in sync with results; marketers now have the ability to reap harvested results from content marketing.

Brandwatch Gets Social Media Moving Forward

Marketers can use Brandwatch as a social media dashboard, a way to effectively gauge results and compare these results to the dollar amount invested in the platform. For example, operator tracking, which is a marketing method, designed to grow daily interactions. Social media analytics is now entering new territory, each time someone shares content, even if they fail to mention the brand or change the link, it can still be tracked.

Watch Brand Recognition Grow

When a business uses, Brandwatch, they can view exact results to measure how much brand recognition is increasing. The social media dashboard is a vital tool which tracks targeted campaigns and provides results in a visual format. This format clearly demonstrates how “social media intelligence” can grow brand recognition beyond just using targeted keywords.

More than anything, Brandwatch is on a mission to increase social interaction on every platform, so that whenever content is shared, it can be tracked and measured against the initial investment. This is a global opportunity for building brand equity, a way to improve social media opportunities by reaching the right people (targeted audiences).

More Possibilities with an Updated Brandwatch

Social media analytics really is the pulse of online marketing; it clearly shows what content produces strong and vibrant interactions. Brandwatch is moving forward with its discovery mission, which will help marketers discover how valuable their shared content really is. The social media dashboard is a way to track marketing objectives and align them with resources. Now, Brandwatch delivers insightful results, about using the “social web” in order to gain insight about how, when, and why people share content.

Optimizing Social Media Intelligence

It’s important to note that combining social media intelligence with enterprise accelerates the process of targeting a specific audience. Using the right keywords can attract a targeted audience, sometimes. Because figuring out which keywords work and which ones that don’t, is a time consuming process, because it depends on a number of variable, such as the number of links and backlinks incorporated into the website. Some of them are organic, originating from the website, while others are through third-party interactions.

Brandwatch is a share management system, instead of placing multiple tracking methods; all social media marketing efforts can be tracked using a single method. Specifically, Brandwatch is on a mission to effectively take the guesswork out of measuring the return on investment (ROI).

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