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Blogs Inspire: Reading Other Blogs to Gain Inspiration for Your Own

Coming up with material is probably the hardest part about maintaining a blog. The more focused or specialized your blog’s topic is, the harder it is to think of new ideas. So how do you fix that?

Reading other blogs is a great way to gain inspiration for your own writing. Now, I’m not talking about plagiarism, or even using the same exact stories or topics you find elsewhere. While it’s fine to type up your own opinion on an issue or topic you find elsewhere, sometimes reading someone’s blog about one thing can send your mind in an entirely different direction. It can fill your head with ideas that aren’t even in the post you are reading.

I’m not going to tell you how to gain inspiration from blogs, because there’s no real way. Instead, I am going to share some fun and hilarious blogs floating around the internet and you can see if any one of them can give you the inspiration you need. Even if your own blogs are more serious in nature, you are sure to gain some inspiration from laughing at funny blogs, even if it leads you to write a post on why you can’t stand “funny” blogs.


Lamebook is a blog full of everything Facebook, from awkward statuses that either share too much detail, or accidentally say something entirely different than what was intended, to pictures that should never have been taken. All information is sent in by actual Facebook users, most likely ones who have no interest in keeping a healthy relationship with the people whose lives they are sharing with the rest of the internet. Then again, those who post pictures on Facebook that aren’t meant for the entire world to see clearly didn’t read the terms and conditions.


Looking at art is a great way to be inspired. The themes, the techniques and everything about it can be so filled with detail that it forces you to think, too. Well, the same can be said about bad art. Ugliesttattoos features one of the most incredible forms of art, the tattoo. This site displays some of the worst tattoos out there. Normally, tattoos are fascinating; after all, it’s a picture that is permanently attached to a person’s body. It’s sometimes supposed to be a sign or symbol with a deeper meaning that acts almost like a window into that person’s soul, sharing something secret and personal about them. But bad tattoos are the worst—permanent reminders of a mistake you can’t take back. To the rest of us, though, they’re pretty hilarious.


Everyone gets annoyed with his or her spouse or partner from time to time. How can you not, when you’re together all the time? On Myhusbandisannoying, Tiffanie Wong uses her blog as an outlet to rant about all of the things her husband does that annoy her. Sometimes it’s ridiculous, but most of the times it reminds you of your own experience being in a relationship, allowing you to feel her pain while also laughing about your own. Whether Tiffanie’s stories are made up or not—though I can’t imagine her still being married if they are—the stories themselves make for an amusing read. I wonder if her husband enjoys them.


Everyone knows about Damn You Autocorrect, the home for every accidentally hilarious smartphone text. TextsFromBennett is similar in that they’re real, hilarious text messages, only these are between 2 cousins. One, Bennett, is a punk with no regard for spelling, grammar, political correctness, or respect of any sort. Yet somehow his texts are filled with a level of intelligence and insight that one would never expect to come from someone who speaks the way he does. The texts on this site make you laugh, it’s true, but they also get you to think about false stereotypes. The level of conversation forces you to think of how you expect certain people to think and act a certain way based on how they look and speak. The truth that this blog imparts is about as sobering as a luxury rehab facility.

Again, these are just suggestions. Inspiration comes from many sources, and reading these blogs with the intention of coming up with your own ideas might help. Jump around between sites and find your own favorite blogs that motivate you.

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