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Discover the best practices for Twitter. Learn how to use Twitter and gain followers.

Social Media Data Analytics Tools: Top Five Tools

Social Media Data Analysis Tools

As more and more people use social media to stay connected, this is a tool that becomes increasingly valuable. Social media is a way to reach out to your customers like never before, reaching people more quickly and more direct ...

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Five Social Media Metrics You Should Be Using

Social Media Metrics

The only question more important than whether to capitalize the “I” in “Internet” is how, as a blogger, webmaster or business owner, you can expand your readership or customer base. The good news is that there are a number of ...

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How to Tell If Your Marketing Strategy is Working

Marketing Strategy

After putting together a thorough marketing plan — complete with a timeline and budget — and placing ads, blogs and comments all over the Internet, the only thing left to figure out is whether the plan worked. Sure, you created ...

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Five Free Tools for Social Media Analytics

Five Free Tools for Social Media Analytics

Everyone knows that social media plays an integral role in any online marketing strategy. Engaging your audience on various social media platforms is a powerful way to build your brand and build a loyal base of customers. How do you ...

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Three Insanely Useful Social Media Tools


Discover Three Insanely Useful Social Media Tools In recent years, social media has become an essential practice for online marketing. Now that just about everyone is online, social media enables you to reach out to a significant number of potential ...

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Social Media Tools for Small Business: A Best Practices Guide

Social Media Tools for Small Business

Being a part of a small business can have immense rewards. Unlike the rules that come with big business, small business can give you the advantage of calling your own shots and making your own rules. And in today’s world ...

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