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Social Media Data Analysis

Best Practices Analysis of Social Media Data

Social media networking has become very popular amongst the modern generations. It is has been embraced worldwide by millions of users from across the world’s major continents so that communication between the peoples of these continents is now enhanced. With the establishments of social media sites such as; Facebook, twitter, companies are anxiously setting up social media “pay attention posts” and empowering departments to take action in response to what they hear. Ignoring social media data is a big mistake because it is a piece of a broader mix on business. You will not only think of social media but business as well. This alone won’t guarantee social media analysis success but other aspects must also be in place. There are a variety of challenges that organizations need to address as they plan and push with analysis of social media data programs. These challenges are:

The available data has its limits-social media analysis offers a limited perspective on what is being said in social forums because all of the data being generated there is not readily accessible for analysis. Facebook for example, you won’t get what people post on others’ walls behind privacy protection.

Using social media analytics software can help companies identify trends and detect potential business problems. Connections to business strategies are key to getting the most from social media monitoring initiatives. A successful program involves far more than just choosing the right social media monitoring tools and analytics software. Companies need to evaluate the resources and skills available within them, and then they can decide to devote funding for more help by bringing in new employees or hiring contractors.

Organizational barrier is also another problem that companies need to address by breaking down. This is important especially when companies are trying to promote an enterprise approach to analyzing social media data and then acting on the findings. The other political issues of ownership of a social media analytics program can be a big challenge for many organizations. Creating a social media special department with representatives from other departments like marketing, customer service and product development can help promote an incorporated social media strategy. For you to achieve this you have to get business managers and workers to take social media chatter seriously. You have to do a lot to change the management side. You got to give employees the right incentives that will encourage them to listen to the voice of the customer and make them understand why doing this is important to the organization. It is also important to note that overreaching can also be dangerous for social media data. Just focus on information that matters to the business’ goal in using these tools and not look at every mention of your product or brand. Social media is just a fraction of what is being said about your company, the biggest percentage of the conversation and influence is still happening offline. Social networks are not a substitute for what people are saying about the products and the company.

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