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Brandwatch b2b social media report

Benefits of Social Media Tool Brandwatch and their B2B Social Media Report

Brandwatch is a special social media reporting tool that offers good information for all its users. Social media analytics may not seem like the most exciting thing you can read in a work day, but you should take these reports seriously if you wish to grow your business. Corporations all over the world are struggling to take advantage of their social media presence, and you must have reports that exhibit the effectiveness of your campaigns.


The most important tool you can use is one that shows overall visitation to your social media accounts. You must know how many people see your content every day. A rough estimate of the number of users on each social media feed helps you plan future campaigns. You must cross-promote and balance your advertising among the platforms based on this information.

Reading these reports shows you where your visitors came from, how long they stayed and which platform they were on. You will quickly discover that one platform is more popular than the others. You may not pay for these services, but you are wasting your time when a platform is not very popular with your customers.

Links And Clicks

You place links on your social media pages to get to people pages that feature your content. You must have information on the links that are clicked, and you must compare that information with the conversion rate on your proper ads. The Brandwatch reports show you how many links were clicked, and you will learn if these clicks are being converted into sales or subscriptions.

How Often Your Brand Appears Elsewhere

Users who share your content on social media platforms often do so unnoticed. You cannot see all the iterations of your shared content on a social media site, but Brandwatch will search for all instances of your brand, your marketing and your ads. You must know when people are talking about you to learn who your true demographic is. Your business depends on understanding the target audience, and social media instantly reveals your target audience through sharing.

Negative Feedback

The Brandwatch social media analytics tool uncovers all instances where your business is mentioned. You can find people who are speaking ill of your business, and you may approach those customers on an individual basis. Customers who are unhappy with your business must be converted back to loyal customers, and false statement about your business must be handled swiftly.

Social media reporting from Brandwatch helps you make best use of your social media presence. Posting to a social media feed does not convert customers to sales. Analytics from Brandwatch help you learn all about your customers from how they share your content through social media.

Click here to download the Brandwatch B2B Report

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