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Drive Traffic to Your Website Through Social Media

8 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website Through Social Media

If one of your business goals for 2014 is driving more traffic to your website, with a higher conversion rate as the end result, social media must be part of your strategy. It’s a proven fact that social networking is the number one activity online; are you using it to increase your site’s visibility?

Keep reading for ways to use social media to drive traffic to your site.

1.     Find the Right Network

Not all demographics use all networks. Because of this, different sites are more effective for different businesses. Instagram users are generally urban dwellers between the ages of 18 and 29; Pinterest appeals to women with middle to high incomes, and Facebook is the most popular site for adults. Knowing your target market will help you narrow down which network will be the most effective way to spend your time.

2.     Always Link  Back

If it’s your priority to lead web users back to your website, you must make it easy. Post content and posts on your site, and include links with teasers on your social media pages. This attracts users and makes sharing easy, while directing interested parties back to your site to learn more. Mid Atlantic BX encourages Facebook fans to visit their site for free content. By offering industry related free content on their site, they are giving Facebook followers an incentive to visit their site.


3.     Special Offers

Social media users are drawn to special offers. If you’re looking for a way to increase interest quickly, share a special offer that’s only available to your friends, followers or contacts. Direct them to your site to enter the code or promotion for online redemption. CJ Pony Parts used this tactic on their Facebook page to increase international sales.


4.     Field Questions

Online users want to do business with brands who value them. By asking questions, you’re demonstrating an interest in what matters to your customers and potential questions. Start a weekly or daily FAQ feature, and answer the questions on your site. Interested customers will be grateful for the attention, which will help drive traffic where you want it to go.

5.     Use Your URL Everywhere

Social media bios exist for a reason. Whether you’re setting up a business page on Facebook, a profile on Twitter or a group on LinkedIn, there’s a place for your URL — take advantage of it. In certain cases, especially related to online searches, your profile will be the first look a potential client or customer has at your business. Make sure your site is easily accessible from that point.

6.     Feature Your Followers

There’s nothing better than recognition. In fact, many would argue it’s the basis behind social networks; people want to feel connected to something bigger, and they want to know they play a role in something more than themselves. You can use this idea to your company’s advantage. Start a featured customer page on your site. Share customer interactions, experiences and testimonials. Allow your customers to feature their own businesses and contact information on the page. Not only will your followers be interested, but they’ll send their own contacts to the site. This is a win-win situation.

7.     Share Regularly

Most social networks are set up in a way that one update is quickly replaced by another. Because of this, it’s easy for followers to miss your posts if they aren’t frequent enough. Make an effort to post daily, or at peak times throughout the week. By understanding when people are using social media sites, you’re more likely to reach your target market at a time that increases the likelihood they’ll visit your site.

8.     Test and Modify

Look at some of your competitors’ campaigns. Think about the strategies you’ve tried in the past or have considered putting into action, and try them out. Post content on a Monday morning, then a Thursday morning; watch your analytics to see which was more effective. Look at what links have driven the most traffic, and think about how to replicate your efforts. By testing and modifying specific strategies, you’re likely to build a social media plan that is successful for the long run.

Social media is a science, but it’s a science that is accessible to anyone with a high potential for success. Take the time to consider how you’ve been driving traffic to your website, and think about ways to modify your strategy to increase your site’s visibility and growth potential.

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