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7 Rules to Follow When Using Social Media for Customer Service

There are many ways to provide online customer service and social media is one of the most important ones for today’s businesses. While there are numerous highly effective social media marketing techniques that can be used to boost your sales, using social media for customer service is a must if you want your business to stay competitive.

In order to get the best results when you use social media for customer service, there are certain rules that you will have to follow. Here are 7 rules to keep in mind when connecting with online customer through social media:

1. Prioritize the Needs of Your Customers

By using social media, you can get a good idea of what your customers need and what they’re saying about your brand. Listen to what your customers are saying, as this will help you improve your products or services by giving your customers solutions that answer their needs.

2. Take Time to Connect With Your Customers

Social media allows you to establish two-way communications between you and your customers. Pay attention to what they are really saying and respond to it. You can also provide your customers with the opportunity to contact you directly through another medium, such as phone or email.

3. Address the Needs of Your Customers

You should know that loyal customers tend to buy products because they feel a certain connection between themselves and the business that supplies them. Communicate with your customers regularly and ask them questions to identify and target their needs.

4. Strive to Be Helpful

This is a rule that goes for any type of online customer service, but is especially important when using social media to connect with your customers. Never let their questions go unanswered and make them feel appreciated by thanking them at every opportunity.

5. Always be Reliable

Be sure to give timely responses any time that a customer communicates with you. Always deliver on your commitments to your customers, even if the issue they bring forward is challenging to address.

6. Deal With Complaints in an Efficient Manner

Due to its public nature, social media presents a variety of online customer service challenges. If a customer makes a complaint, you should apologize, listen to what they have to say and address the issue immediately. This will show everyone on your social media page that you take customer satisfaction seriously.

7. Go Above and Beyond

Doing things better than the competition doesn’t only apply to social media marketing, but to customer service as well. Look for ways to give back to your customers that your competitors didn’t. Find additional opportunities to connect with your customers. Remember to always give customers your time to answer their questions.

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