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6 Reasons Social Media Marketers Use Social Tool Locowise

6 Reasons Social Media Marketers Use Social Tool Locowise

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For this article, we would like to highlight the benefits and reasons for using Locowise, one of the best social media tools that provide social media analytics and reporting for individuals, agencies, brands and organizations. Without wasting your precious time, we have quickly included some of the Locowise’s benefits below but we also suggest you check out more from the innovator’s official website.

Reports accurate social media analytics

Locowise has been perfectly designed to report accurate data. You will get insanely accurate social media analytics to help you make informed decisions. If you want to optimize posts for engagement, measure and analyze campaigns and produce accurate reports on all aspects of your social media marketing, Locowise is one of the best social media tools to consider.

Spy on your competitors

If you want to spy on your competitors, Locowise is one of the reliable social media tools you need. The tool comes with a competitor benchmarking feature that can help you determine the social media data of your competitors. Using the feature, you will learn about the things that your competitors are doing to earn more shares, followers and clicks.

Help you accomplish your tasks on time

Locowise comes with custom dashboards that allow you to collect social media analytics that matters to you in a quick way. Over 150 metrics and charts from all your social media platforms can be collected and arranged on the dashboards within a short period. Also, a host of objects from your Facebook ad analytics and hashtag analytics can be analyzed within minutes.

Fastest customer support

If you have any problem with Locowise’s dashboard, you can always contact the support team for help. They respond fast to any request that users make. Locowise’s support team also welcome suggestions from users.

Adds value to social media marketing campaign

Getting return on revenue from social media marketing campaign is not easy. Using Locowise social media marketing tool, you enjoy more metrics charts and custom filters. The tool incorporates a content calendar that social media marketers can use to implement the workflow around social media marketing campaign planning, posting and approval.

Enjoys good reviews from customers

No customer will ever say no to Locowise. Many customers have been posting positive reviews about this social media tool. Many people say that Locowise’s new features and functionality are reasons that they want to pay more.


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