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5 Ways to Use YouTube’s New Intro to Your Advantage

YouTube announced recently that a new feature has been added that is available for all users: a 3-second introduction that can be played prior to any videos on a given channel.

Programmed to automatically start on all videos created by a specific user, this feature offers a new way to provide branded information without the need for extensive editing and expensive added filming features.

The best part is that it’s simple. If a user is interested in setting up the introduction, it can be uploaded as an unlisted video. From there, by visiting the InVideo Programming page, the selection “add a channel branding intro” can be made along with which videos the user desires the introduction to accompany.

While there are a few restrictions – no advertisements, sponsorships or other forms of monetized product placements – the field is otherwise wide open, offering an excellent branding opportunity for companies looking to take their YouTube presences to the next level.

Below are five ways to use the introduction tool to your advantage.

1.    Add a Logo

This is pretty straightforward, and probably what the creators of the 3-second intro had in mind when it was created. An opportunity to share a logo just shouldn’t be passed up on. By creating a quick video that broadcasts your brand’s logo, you’re focusing attention exactly where it should be, regardless of the content of the video itself.

If drsnooze.com wanted to promote a Simmons mattress, a quick logo at the start could clarify where the information is coming from. If ToysRUs wanted to promote a new Lego toy, using their own logo could remind viewers where the toy could be found.

2.    Introduce the Speaker

Sometimes a great YouTube video is about sharing valuable information from an authoritative source. Sometimes, incorporating that into the video itself takes editing experience that you might not have. Instead, creating an introduction that shares the name of the individual about to speak or to be interviewed, along with their title, could save the hassle.

3.    Make it Fun

Who said the tool couldn’t add a little fun to an otherwise dry topic? Take the time to share a humorous clip, a joke or maybe even something completely irrelevant. Not only will it lighten the information to be shared, it’ll give viewers a reason to return.

4.    Create a Question

Sometimes the best way to engage a target audience is to simply ask a question. Think of something that will get the audience thinking prior to even watching the content of the video to be shared. Keep it simple by having a team member ask it and jump into the video. A little prep work can go a long way.

5.    Thank Your Viewers

A little appreciation can do a lot for building customer trust and showing that they matter to you. Take the time to have your CEO shoot a quick “Thank you” message and include it at the beginning of the video. This is an easy way to highlight your team members while showing your customers that you value their business.

Any opportunity to further engage an audience on social media should be taken seriously. This new YouTube feature is no different. Consider your overall goals for your YouTube presence and create an introduction accordingly; a little effort up front can go a long way.

Scott + PageScott Huntington is a writer and blogger. Check out his new blogoffthethrottle.com

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