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5 Social Media Marketing Tactics You’re Missing Out On

By now it’s clear how important social media marketing tactics are whether you’re just trying to grow your circle of friends, or perhaps promote a product. However, if you’ve experimented with all the tried-and-true techniques, but haven’t yet seen the kind of results you expect, keep reading.

Below, you’ll discover five simple but worthwhile ways to make sure your social media posts have maximum reach among your target audience.

Craft Tweets With Care 

Using Twitter can be challenging, especially since you have to get your point across with such a limited amount of characters. Since every word counts, it’s wise to broadcast them to the highest number of people possible, simply by adding a period or dash symbol just prior to typing an “@” to begin your tweet with a person’s username.

Without including one of those crucial extras, only you, whoever you mentioned in the tweet, and any person who follows both of you will see the message. By taking a second to insert one of those characters before inserting a Twitter username though, you’ll ensure that all of your followers see it, whether or not they’re also following the person who’s the subject of your tweet.

Also, consider tailoring tweets around philanthropic events and holidays. Any business, small and large, far and wide, can use this tactic. For example, Dover Downs Casino just tweeted about Presidents’ Day, mentioning it’s also Random Act of Kindness day:

Dover Casino

More often than not, brands forget Twitter is a social community platform based around relevance, not just propaganda rich content.

Make Sure Your Company Facebook Page Includes a Physical Address

This tip doesn’t apply if you have a business that operates solely online, but if you’re trying to improve in-person engagement, take time to include a full business address within the “Page Info” section of your Facebook profile. This only works if you registered yourself as a local business, because you won’t see the option to add an address otherwise.

Not only will this addition let people know how to find you, but it’ll also allow them to “check in” to your establishment when they talk about it in their own Facebook posts. Before long, that could help you gain traction in a crowded marketplace, particularly if your customers are saying nice things about the service received.

Tweak Your YouTube URL Before You Share It

Have you ever wondered why some YouTube channels have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and yours is still struggling despite every effort to be more successful? More than likely, there are several factors at play, but you may be able to start turning the tide by appealing to people who might love to subscribe to your content, but aren’t sure how to do it.

The next time you share your YouTube channel across social media or even in the footer of an e-mail, make sure to add http://www.youtube.com/user/S2Games?sub_confirmation=1 to the end of the URL.

Then, once a person visits the page, he or she will be prompted to subscribe to the content, courtesy of a lightbox-style request window.

Adjust Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook has frequently been in the news after some concerns over the privacy of information and how to prevent the general public from seeing certain types of information. However, if you’re trying to get more subscribers on Facebook, it might be necessary to alter a few settings so you’re not unwittingly making it too difficult for strangers to find you through Facebook’s search function.

You can control who sees what you’ve posted in the past, but specifically focus on the settings listed under the “How You Connect” heading if you’re trying to help potential subscribers find you more easily. Even if you use Facebook on a daily basis, there’s a good chance you may not realize how some of the default settings aren’t optimal, especially if you’re trying to expand your circle of influence.

Sometimes brands will get creative and test content among fans. For example, Victor Pest, which has been around since 1890, has started posting memes like this one:


Victor Pest has the option of hiding these posts from new fans, or in the case of controversy, a post that reflects poorly. Fortunately, these memes have been performing well for their Facebook engagement and are a great way to seem less like an ecommerce site and more like a Facebook friend. They’re a good role model for businesses trying to be more social on Facebook.

Give Yourself Administrative Privileges on Google+

The immediate nature of social media may leave you cringing if a post goes live and it’s filled with spelling and grammar mistakes. If you’re on Google+, set yourself up as an administrator for your own account, as well as any people who post on your behalf. That allows you to edit contributions even after they’re made public.

In addition to setting admin privileges, we should follow the same vein of location verification as with Facebook. Here’s an ideal situation:


RCS Heating & Air Conditioning has verified their website which is exemplified by a checkmark next to the URL. Additionally, the categorization of business is set (i.e.; HVAC Contractor) along with hours of operation.

Final Thoughts

Although you’re probably no stranger to social media, these social media marketing tactics will hopefully help you see popular social media destinations with a new perspective, so you can feel confident about using relevant features to the full extent for your benefit.

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internet-marketing-success-author-imageWritten by Jesse Aaron. Jesse is a professional blogger with a passion for homebrewing. 

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